by Ben Young/ Ms. Brandt /6th period / May 18th, 2013

What do they do?

Psychologists study thoughts and the brain.

Cool Thing About Psychology

You can learn and teach how to trick your own brain to your advantage.

How Psychologists Help

They teach others how to persuade and to win arguments easily. They help those with mental illnesses and disabilities along with phobias. They deal with the human brain and mentally help others.

Education Required:

To be a psychologist you must have at least a master's degree in psychology. In high school you must study biology, mathematics, English, and chemistry.

Personality Requirements

To be a psychologist it is imperative to be a patient and understanding person. You must be a good listener, you must have an interest in people, compassion, and the ability to get others to "open up".

The U.S. Army, F.B.I., and Kaiser Permanente hire Psychologists.


Annual salary - 67,880$

Projected Job Growth - We will have 21% more of a psychologist increase between the years 2010 and 2020. (2010-2020)