What's Up At OES

May 2015 Edition

6th Grade Orientation

6th grade orientation was fun. You got to talk to Mr. Breth and the principal Mr. Jimenez. You voted for student council also. If you were a boy, two 7th grade boys would show you around the school. If you were a girl, two 7th grade girls would show you around. When finished, you had refreshments in the cafeteria and had pre-enrollment with Mrs. Breth. After that, the boys went and talked to some coaches and the girls went to talk to their coaches. Then, you were dismissed from the high school. The day after was a regular school day.

By: Lily H

The Shrine Circus

This year the 5th grade got to go to the Shrine Circus. Here are some things they got to do. “Some of our favorite things were the lions and the trapeze”, said Malia & Breckon. The new things this year were the camels and horses. “Some good food to buy is frozen lemonade”. says Hunter. “Some good toys to buy are light up toys and hats.” replied Malia and Brynna. The bus ride was noisy. The movies they watched were Paul Blart: Mall Cop and The Sandlot. So, I would say it was a good circus this year.

By:Hanna Quintana and Katie Meitl

6th Grade Flag Pole Duty

Every year the 6th graders do something that requires three 6th graders to go to the office and pick up flags every morning. We go and put up the American and Kansas flags on the flag pole . It requires a lot of responsibility because you have to be very careful and not drop it. If it is your turn to take down the flag, after you have taken the flag down, start with folding the corner and go corner to corner until the two corners meet. You keep folding until the person folds it with your corners and then you and that person fold it together. At the end of the day you take the flags down to the office.

By: Jenna Juenemann

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5-6 OES Band Concert

At the OES band concert the 6th graders played first. Their songs were Top Secret, Hurakan, March of the Hyperion Robots, and Everything is Awesome. Then the 5th graders played their songs which were Freaky Fantasy, Hack Attack, Rock It Science, and Everything is Awesome.

We actually played Everything is Awesome together with the 7th and 8th graders.

By: Melody

Child Abuse Prevention

We wanted to know more about what child abuse is because in 1989 a Virginia grandmother was told that her grandson had died from injuries inflicted by his parents. In grief, she tied a blue ribbon on her antennae of her van to remember his buried and battered body. Other people joined in on it. Now the color blue is the color for child abuse. The pinwheels were used to symbolize every child that had been treated for child abuse.

Child abuse is injuring a child with or without intent to harm. There are four kinds of child abuse. Physical child abuse is punching beating and kicking. Sexual child abuse is where they are touching you in inappropriate places. Emotional abuse is where they mess with your emotions. Neglecting abuse is where they aren’t meeting your needs properly or fully. By doing any type of child abuse it can cause death, alcoholism, depression, drug abuse,and chronic health conditions. Repeating the cycle causes negative effects to a child's health, development and stress that can cause permanent effects.

Educating children on child abuse helps with the cause because it shows them the differences of right and wrong treatment and teaches them to ask for help and it helps break the cycle.

In 2010 The CDC notes that 1,560 children died in the USA from child abuse. In 2013, 740,000 were treated in the ER. In that same year 3 million children were reported to state agents. I hope you learn more about child abuse by reading this!

By:Sarah and KeLynn

Jump Rope for Heart

This year the American Heart Association contacted us to contribute to their association to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke. The goal was $3,500, but thanks to everyone’s contributions we raised over $10,000!

Breyanna Gehering collected the biggest donation of $375. In May there will be a pie-in-the-face contest. In this contest for every $100 a student earned he or she will get to throw a pie in a teacher’s face from the list below:

Mr. Gehering - Mrs.Kerry Wahlmeier

Mr. Dorshorst - Mrs. Cindy Sattler

Mrs. Jenny Tally - Mrs. April Farr

Mrs. Judy Elwood - Mrs. Sandy Ketterl

MS. Kathy Tacha - Mrs. Lois Wentz

Mrs.Kimberly Witt - Mrs. Debbie Withington

Mrs. Carol Wasson - Mrs. Jeni Henningson

In May there is also a t-shirt party for those who earned $50 for a t-shirt.

Mr. Gehering stated proudly,” I’m very proud of our students for raising all that money and our community for their support.”

By: Calista Isbell

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