Pololu beach

Seajay Roman 1A

continent, latitude and country

Pololu beach is located..

Continent: North America

Country: United States , Hawaii

latitude and longitude: 20 (degrees) 12'13"N 155 (degrees) 44'1"W

Type of Beach

  1. pololu beach is closer to inside of the plate. it is closer to tectonic activity. it is an active coast . because its on the leading edge of continent where its crashing into oceanic plate
  2. Pololu beach's features are created by marine forces. it is a secondary coast because it was mainly formed by marine erosion or deposition

  3. pololu beach has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence .it is a emergent coast because it is exposed by the sea due to relative fall in sea level in the past.

sand color and orgin

this is a black sand beach it contains many heavy materials like hemlite magnite ect.. pololu beach has Emerald, foliage-filled cliffs, cradling Pololu’s valley floor and its winding, freshwater stream. The wave-pounded, offshore Paoakalani islets and, beyond them, the Hamakua Coast’s most remote sea cliffs.

other features of Pololu Beach

people mainly visit pololu beach for the valleys. northern most of a series of valleys , topography transitions sharply from steep valley to relatively flat floor. large rocks and sediments cover sea floor