Respect Yourself and Others

you better respect yourself before you wreck yourself

Main idea

Self-respect is very important part for developing good relationships. you are likely to seek relationship with others and could less likely let people talk you into risks that could effect you.

Respecting Yourself

You may be searching for your personal identity, the sense of who you are and where you belong. you are also developing your personal values system. Values are beliefs, ideas, and attitudes about what can guide the way of life. keeping your values will show people that you respect yourself and you respect others to.

Respecting Others

Others will respect you if you treat them the same way. Respecting others also means you can hold the door open for others, helping people with there grocery's...etc.

Here are some other significant ways to show respect.

  1. Be considerate of others ' feelings: think before you speak because you don't know how it would make the other person feel.
  2. Listen to other people: listen to peoples problems and point of views even if you disagree with them.
  3. Develop mutual trust: show others you can trust them and you can be honest with them
  4. Be realistic in your expectations: for example you shouldn't expect friends and family to make you their top priority.


Tolerance - is the ability to accept others' differences

Stereotype: is an exaggerated or oversimplified belief about a certain group

Prejudice- an unfair opinion or judgement of a particular group of people

Disrespectful Behaviors

Bullying- deliberately harming or threatening other people

hazing- making others perform certain tasks to join a group