Pinehill School News - 18 August

18 August 2021 - Week 4, Term 3

Message from our Principal

Kia ora tatou,

Strategic Plan - Parent Survey coming

This year the Board at Pinehill School is rewriting its Strategic Plan. The new plan will set the direction for developments within the school from 2022 - 2024.

We are consulting with all stakeholders in the school. As part of the exercise, the Board is seeking input from parents, whānau, staff and students. It is important that every family's views are included.

On Monday you will be receiving a Pinehill School Parent Survey. The survey should take you 10 - 15 minutes to complete. This feedback will be used to assist the Board with its decision making and future planning. All responses will be summarised, affirming good practices and identifying key areas for growth and development.

The board has contracted an independent consultant, Roween Higgie from The Education Group, to design and oversee the parent consultation component of the process. Your responses are anonymous, will be confidential to Roween Higgie and the Board, and will not be identifiable.

You will be sent the survey on Monday 23 August via the SchoolApp. The survey will run from Monday 23rd August, closing on Wednesday 8th September.

Please contact the office if you do not receive the survey

The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project continues in our school. Take a look at the empathy vimeo in this link.

Maths Week

Congratulations to the student who won the daily newsletter maths challenges.

Jessica Mackrell, Indy Hendricks, Mariya Yakovenko and Anika Kingsley

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman,


Three Way Conferencing (3WC) - Information for Parents

We are hopeful that this lockdown will be over soon and we will be in a position to go ahead with our 3WC. We ask you to book your time and if the situation changes we keep you informed of any changes.

The Purpose

At Pinehill School one of the ways in which we report to parents and involve you in discussions about your child’s learning is through 3 Way Conferences. 3 Way Conferences have a particular purpose in that they involve the student as an active participant in the home-school partnership. This is important because there is a strong research base which indicates that fostering discussions between home and school about learning makes a significant difference to achievement.

It is recognised that if our students are to be successful in the future they must be given the skills to learn how to learn. We want them to understand that learning is something they actively participate in, it is not something done to them. These strategies increasingly lead students towards becoming self-directed, independent learners.

Where students are able to reflect on their current strengths and weaknesses, they are in a strong position to know their next steps. Research has shown that active learners engage in their learning and therefore learn more. Three Way Conferences ensure that the focus remains on the students and the critical role they have in determining their own current and future learning.

Your Role as a Parent

To be an active participant in the discussion, the questions below may help. If English is your second language you are welcome to be supported by an interpreter.

Questions you could ask your child to help discuss their learning:

  • What have you been learning?

  • Tell me what you think you are doing well?

  • What helped with this learning?

  • What did you find difficult?

  • What do you need help with?

  • What are your next learning steps?

Conference Organisation

Wednesday 1 September 2021 3.15pm to 5.15pm

Thursday 2 September 2021 1.30pm to 7.15pm (School finishes early at 1.30pm)

All conferences will be completed by 5.30pm Wednesday 1 September and 7.30pm Thursday 2 September.

For these conferences we use an online booking system. To make an appointment go to and follow the online instructions. Confirmation of your times will be emailed to you. You may change your appointments at any time.

Class Awards

  • Room 1: Keyan Surhio
  • Room 2: Sarah Lin
  • Room 3: Quentin Lyu
  • Room 4: Lusia Naufahu
  • Room 5: Tommy Tong
  • Room 6: Claire Kuo
  • Room 7: Karina Ke
  • Room 8: Preesha Pradeep Raj Arthishree
  • Room 9: Lillian Wang
  • Room 10: Matthew Carter
  • Room 11: Hayley Yu
  • Room 12: Henry Wu
  • Room 13: Dayu Oh
  • Room 14: Aisha Colerdi
  • Room 15: Charlotte Penny
  • Room 16: Caledonia Machouche
  • Room 17: Suraya Moharam
  • Room 18: Bianca Conceicao
  • Room 19: Laura Yi
  • Room 20: Ariel Guo
Winning House: Kawau
Walker of the week: Matthew Yang

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 25 August - TBC (dependent on what level we will be at)

  • Jesters Pie Day
  • Years 1/2 Swimming
  • Years 5/6 Swimming

Board News

Board of Trustees Policies

All school policies are available through School Docs - click here

Logon - pinehill

password - pinehillway

Sports News

Spring Netball

Spring Netball expressions of interest are open now and is available to all students in years 2-6

Teams are made up of a minimum 8 children and a maximum of 10.

Games are played at Pinehurst School on Saturday mornings, between 8.45am - mid afternoon. The league runs from 30th October to the 4th December - 6 weeks. All games are played on Saturdays.

Please click on the link if you are interested in signing your child up to play.

Expression of Interest cut off date is 3.00pm Thursday 9 September. No Late entries can be accepted, children will be formed into teams on a first in first served basis.

Click here to fill in the expression of interest form.

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby expressions of interest are open now and is available to all students in years 3-6.

Teams are made up of a minimum 8 children and a maximum of 10. Teams can be either girls, boys or mixed. Mixed teams need a minimum of 4 girls in the team, otherwise they will be entered as a boys team.

Games are played at Becroft Park on Thursdays. This venue will be confirmed in late September by the council.

Games are played between 3.45pm - 6.15pm and are 30 mins long (2x 15min halves with no half time break). The season begins Monday 18th October and runs through until Thursday 16 December.

Please click on the link if you are interested in signing your child up to play. Expression of Interest cut off date is 3.00pm Thursday 26 August. No Late entries can be accepted, children will be formed into teams on a first in first served basis.

Click here to fill in the expression of interest form.

Player of the Day


Pistons: Jake Skudder

Panthers: Matthew Yang

Pirates: Daniel Zhou


Ferns : Sara Jeon

Ponies: Ailsa Zhang

Dragons: Emily Ke

Diamonds: Karina Ke

Year 1 and Year 2 Botanic Gardens EOTC Trip

The Year 1 and Year 2 students have had a fantastic EOTC experience at the Botanic Gardens. Please see the writing Room 13 students have shared of their experiences.

Yesterday I went to the Botanic Gardens and planted peas. It was a long day. We explored and we saw a sign that said Kids Garden. It was fun! When I went there I sat with boys. It was fun! We talked about what we did.

By Alina Liu Room 13 Year 2

Yesterday we went to the trip but it was a long way on the bus to get there. After that I ate my lunch. Then I saw some Christmas trees. Next we went to see the roses. Before that we walked on the road to go to the path. Then we saw the grass. I ran but when I ran, my shoe was wet and then it came onto my sock.

By Rua Han Room 13 Year 2

Yesterday we dug holes and we used the mop. It was a long way to the Gardens. We planted some plants. We first used soil, then we used our pinky to dig a small hole. Then we planted a seed inside the hole. Next we planted the soil back and we left it in the air. We used some grown plants and put the grown plants into a hole that we dug. After that we planted sheep poo inside it.

By Shirley Yang Room 13 Year 2


WSB name

Pinehill Penguins

Morning: Mon-Fri

Leaves from 1 Kilear Cl at 8:10 am. Another pickup point at 8.30 am from 2 Ballymore Dr

Afternoon: Thurs and Friday

Meeting outside Room 5. Leaves school at 3.10 pm (arrives at 2 Ballymore Dr)

Contact: Calla Cheng -



Contact: Lamia Bouaifel -

Spencer Rd

Morning ONLY Mon - Thursday

Leaves from 12 Spencer Rd at 8:30 am

Contact: Kelly Liang -

Friends of Pinehill School - FOPS

Fun Food Friday 20th August Cancelled

If you have ordered food for your child, a refund will be made to your Kindo account. Please allow 1-3 days for processing. If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your support and patience. Our email is

Yummy Stickers

Please keep collecting Yummy stickers from apples, pears and nectarines while we are in lockdown. When we can enter the school again, we will count the stickers and sheets then send them in to receive our share of sports equipment. Forms can be downloaded from Happy munching!

Welcome and thank you to Jenny Yu who is the new treasurer for FOPS. A huge thank you to Kseniya Meshkova for her commitment in the past year.

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