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MCE Staff Newsletter for Feb. 4, 2016

For Your Calendar

Monday, Feb. 8

ARC 8:20 Mrs. Switzer/Speech ARC 12:15 Mrs. Cosgrove/12:30 Mrs. Cosgrove/1:30 Mrs. Crupper/1:55 Mrs. Curd/3:15 Mrs. Keith

Tuesday, Feb. 9

Kindergarten Registration Planning @ 3:30pm

SBDM Meeting @ 4:30pm

Wednesday, Feb. 10

Staff Meeting @ 3:30pm

Thursday, Feb. 11

MCE Presentation to the Board @ 6pm

Friday, Feb. 12

5th Grade Valentine’s Dance

Monday, Feb. 15

Contract Day/Conceptual Building Blocks Training

Tuesday, Feb. 16

MIDTERMS for 3rd Nine Weeks going home

MCE's 100th Day of Learning was a fun one!

Curriculum Corner

1. Great conversations at PLCs this week! It was nice to get a visual of what Common Assessment day looks like across grade levels and in individual classrooms. I appreciate your positive feedback about Common Assessments! All of the suggestions mentioned were for the best interest of our students.

2. It was so nice to see student samples of formative assessments. I love how all of our conversations about formative assessments lead to conversations about feedback! If we are doing both of these things our students are going to reach new heights. Keep it up!

3. Next week’s PLCs will be a data blitz! Don’t forget to share your GradeCam results with me. I can’t wait to celebrate your success! We will also discuss your Success Story Students!

I Love To Read Month @ MCE!

Counselor's Cue

PBIS Walkthrough went well. Shout out to everyone for reinforcing the expectations.


Principal's Points

MCE is a construction zone....literally and figuratively!

You are giving your kids feedback, questioning their work and then helping them determine next steps. Our formative assessments aren't as useful if we don't bring the students into the conversations. Building that ownership and getting the student involved in scoring, evaluating and goal-setting is a process...you are working that process!

Using your formative assessments to make lesson plans, choose texts and differentiate. Building your day based on student need...What misconceptions did they have on morning work? What error pattern shows up during white board practice? Which writing convention needs extra TLC based on their journals? You are gathering real time data to guide learning...MCE is under construction all the time.

After Spring Break, you'll also begin to see signs of literal construction. Contractors have been preparing bids and soon our project will be up and rolling. After students leave for the summer, we'll be off campus as the contractors move in. New roof, new HVAC, new lighting, new hallway flooring....these are just some of the improvements coming to MCE. It'll get messy and dusty and access may be challenging...but we are so lucky to have these upgrades and it'll be worth it!

MCE is both a building for learners and a place where learners are built.

#CanWeDoIt? #YesWeCan!