The Elements of Drama

By: Hareni Ravikumar

Drama is a story enacted onstage for a live audience.

Dramatic Structure

Like the plot of a story, the plot of a play involves characters who face a problem or conflict.

Drama Elements

-Tragedy: a play that ends unhappily

-Comedy/Modern Comedy: a play that ends happily

- Performance of a Play: When you read a play, remember that it is meant to be performed for an audience. (Theater Artists)

- Setting the stage. (thrust stage, round stage, and proscenium stage)

-Scene design transforms a bare stage into the world of the play. (sets, lighting, costumes, props.

-Characters: The characters’ speech may take any of the following forms.

-Audience: Finally, a play needs an audience to experience the performance, understand the story, and respond to the characters.