Freak the Mighty

Don't Judge Others

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty explains that judging someone before getting to really meeting them is not right. Max "Mighty", judged Kevin "Freak" because Kevin acts differently than he does. After kevin moves next door to Max they start getting to know each other. Starting to hang out more, eating dinner with each other and most of all standing up for each other in hard times. At the park watching fireworks, Blade comes up to Kevin and Max and starts bullying them. Max didn't know what to say, so Kevin stepped in and defended both of them. After that situation, Max and Kevin have thought differently of each other ever since.

Man vs. Man

Throughout this story, Max and Kevin become a team. Because one is so small and the other is so big. So people make fun of them for their size. When Max and Kevin take back Loretta's wallet, Iggy starts talking smack about Max's dad. Max gets uncomfortable abou tthis and can't wait to leave their apartment. During the night, Max's dad is released from prison and goes to Max's house and takes him away. Max is scared to say anything so he just agrees with everything his dad says so he doesn't get hurt.

Character's Words and/or Actions


Max was the type of person who used to be bad to get attention. But since his dad was in prison, everyone thought that Max would turn out just like his dad. When he meets Kevin he doesn't really know what to think yet. After hanging out together, Max starts get this connection with Kevin. Kind of like a best friend feeling. When people are mean to Kevin and start picking on him, Max is there to stick up for him, just like a friend should do. Max grew out of the being bad to get attention stage, and started being a hero in some ways.


Kevin woke up Max at the break of dawn to go out and start an adventure. Kevin is always looking for adventure in life and is not afraid of anything."I have a quest in mind. Specifically, in the sewer. The treasure is hidden in a storm drain. This has been confirmed by visual observation." When Kevin takes Max to this sewage drain where Blade and his gang took a ladies wallet and threw it down there, He decides it would be good to retreve the wallet and give it back to whom it may belong to. They get the wallet out of the drain and look to see who it belongs to. That night They both go to the place called "The Testaments," where Loretta lives. Max thinks this is a bad idea to be over in this area, but of course, Keving finds the joy in returning the wallet now and being out late at night.

Contrasts between Characters

Max is one if those people that stay quiet and doesn't really say much. He keeps to himself, and stays in the "Down Under" most of the day. When he meets Kevin he doesn't try and talk back when Kevin is sort of talking smack about him. But instead he just sits there and takes it all in. Max gets bullied at school a lot, and he would just take it in like it's normal and okay for people to do that. That all changed when Kevin came along though, Kevin would talk back to the people that would bully Max all the time. Soon enough they kind of started to stop picking on him.

Kevin on the other hand is much more outgoing. Kevin isn't afraid to express how he feels to anyone, or what he thinks. The day Max and Kevin become "Freak the Mighty," both of their lives change. Kevin is just the type of person who doesn't let the small things in life change his personality. But together they are both strong and have the power to accomplish any obstacle in their way.