Doctor who

who is the doctor?

the doctor is a character who is curious imaginative and brilliant.

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who is the doctor's enemies?

Daleks - The Doctor’s greatest enemy, the self-professed masters of the universe. Every Doctor has encountered the Daleks.

Cybermen - Decimated by disease the inhabitants of Mondas used surgery to cybernetically augment limbs and organs.

Davros - The evil genius that created the Daleks that has plagued the Doctors through every regeneration

Master – a Timelord whose villainy is without end and whose crimes are without number.

Ood - A simple race but whose mind was controlled by the beast.

The Beast from the Pit.

Cassandra - The last human

Pyrovile - a ceatue of fire that caused the eruption of Mt Vesuvius and destroyed the rome city of Pompeii.

The Silence- First encountered in the episodes “The Impossible Astronaut” / “Day of the Moon

Weeping Angels- Although only first appearing in 2007’s “Blink,” the Angels have quickly established themselves as one of Doctor Who’s most popular and most terrifying monsters

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who is his companions?

Jenna-Louise Coleman - The newest companion

Amy Pond - one of the best companions to the 11th Doctor

River Song - what an interesting concept, a companion that joins the Doctor much later in his timeline

Lady Christina de Souza- jewel thief and a great companion

Astrid Peth

Donna Noble - an extraordinary temp

Martha Jones

Rose Tyler

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where is the doctor from?

where does he spend most of his time?

he spends his time exploring time and space

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