The Maycomb Press

August 14, 1934

Before the trial

Who is going to win the Tom Robinson vs. Bob Ewell case? Atticus Finch will be defending Tom and Horace Gilmer will be the prosecutor. The trial will take place in July at the court house.

Judge Taylor, a local judicial official, said, “Atticus and Horace have both talked to me about their evidence. They plan to lay it all out for the jury to decide. I told them both, ‘No funny business!’”

Taylor also said, “No matter what happens, I commend Atticus for taking this case. He didn’t have to take this case; he could have just passed on it.”

Miss Maudie Atkinson, a local resident, commented, “This whole trial is just a lot of fuss. If people just told the truth and said what they did, life would be so much easier.”

Atkinson doesn’t want any of the children to go to the trial. She also said, “I know what the trial is all about. I don’t need to go to the court house to see it all said officially.”

The trial will be open to the public. Everyone is welcome to come and bring a lunch for breaks. Atticus Finch and Horace Gilmer, please be at the courthouse by noon on Monday.

The Halloween Pageant

Where can you and your family come for hours of entertainment? The high school! No not as students, that would be too scary. You can bring the whole family to enjoy games, a pageant and good old socializing.

This Halloween, October 31, bring the family to the high school. There will be something for everyone to do. Activities include: apple-bobbing, a haunted house, selling of homemade candy and a pageant!

Miss Gates, the third grade teacher at the elementary school, said, “I’m very excited to see all the children perform in the pageant! I’m sure Mrs. Merriweather will do a fantastic job leading the children in their performance.”

Mrs. Grace Merriweather, a local resident, commented, “I have been working with the children and I’m just bursting for us to show everyone what we have been working on!”

Merriweather is to direct the children, dressed as food items, onto stage. Not only did she write the play, she made the costumes and will be narrating the pageant.

The night attack

Something mysterious and terrible happened on October 31. An attack on two children after the Halloween pageant, ended badly for one person. Was it was a Halloween prank gone wrong? Or was it a planned attack?

On the evening of October 31, Jem and Scout Finch were walking home after the Halloween pageant. Bob Ewell suddenly attacked them near a large tree about half way between the school and the Radley house.

Atticus Finch, the father of Jem and Scout, said, “I was sitting in the living room when a country man was at my door with Jem in his arms. I sprang up to see what was wrong and shortly after that, Scout came running into my arms.”

Finch called Doctor Reynolds to check his children for injuries. Jem has a broken arm and Scout has no major injuries. Their attacker, on the other hand, was killed. Bob Ewell fell on his knife and killed himself.

Dr. Scott Reynolds, a local physician, commented, “Jem’s arm was the worst injury inflicted. Scout luckily had her ham costume on. That’s what saved her from being stabbed.”

“He just needs rest and to be cared for.” Reynolds said about Jem’s injury. Reynolds predicted Jem to make a full recovery very quickly.

The Presidenital Election

Who won the presidential election? The votes are in and someone has won the election. This has been a very stressful few days and you, the people, have decided who will be the 32 United States president.

On November 8, 1932, in Washington D.C., Franklin D. Roosevelt conquered president Hoover in the presidential election. The Electoral votes were, 472 to 59 in a landslide victory for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On July 2, 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt flew to Chicago, Illinois to accept his nomination for president. He pledged, “a new deal for the American people.” He has a lot of things to clean up for America. The depression requires someone who knows what he is doing for America to get back on its feet.

Roosevelt has a lot to deal with, coming into the white house as a new president. It will be interesting to see what he does for America. He is scheduled to be inaugurated on March 4, 1933.

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Letters To The Editor

Dear Maycomb Press,

Hello! I am very concerned about Maycomb County's acting program. I am not a parent, but I am very close to this Fine Arts program. My concern originated when I saw the Halloween Pageant. That very beautiful and amazing lady, who ran the show perfectly, had to stand up, on stage, hollering for a missing sleeping ham. Now, I know that ham is just a little girl, Jean Louise Finch, but that don't mean she can enter on stage whenever she wants to. I talked to Mrs. Merriweather and asked her why that happened. She told me that the reason for this was because of a lack of discipline. Then, I asked her if this will be a problem next year. She said that it shouldn't be if the stage hands do their job. I watch the Halloween Pageant every year, and this year was the worst by far! On the behalf of others like me; stage hands do your job.


A lover of the fine arts

Dear Maycomb Press,

My concern is about Dolphus Raymond. I was watching him the other day, you know for suspicious activity, and I saw the worst thing happen. I saw him with his brown bag. You know the one he is always drinking out of. I have always believed that the content in that bag was some sort of alcoholic beverage. I mean the way he acts he must be drinking something "strong." Anyway, I saw him, on the day of the big trial outside the courtroom, with this little boy named Dill. Dill was crying and Atticus Finches' daughter, Scout, was with him. They were talking to Mr. Raymond and he offered Dill a sip from his brown bag. Dill accepted it! Mr. Raymond should be put in jail for poisoning the throat of an innocent child. I recommend ten years in prison. That way he knows as much about prison as Dill knew about the world, before someone poisoned it for him.


Alcohol is poison to our children

Halloween Pageant Ham, Now Hiring

Ages 8-10. Preferably not deaf. Doesn't tire easily.

Obituary: Tim Johnson

Wednesday, Aug. 15th 1934 at 4-5pm

The Johnson's backyard

Tim Johnson was 5 years old (35 dog years) at the time of his death. He was a dog loved by many. His residence was at the Johnson's house. He lived there with his father. His mother was Miranda Johnson. His father was Harry Johnson. Tim was a "lone wolf" from a very early age. His mom died not long after his adoption, when he was nine months old. His father worked most days, leaving him to his own devices. Tim got rabies on August 12 and was shot by Atticus Finch on August 13. The funeral will be held August 15 in the back of the Johnson's yard.