Our trip to Siberia!

By Madison Taylor and Chloe Pruitt

Day 1- February 23

It's Madison and Chloe. We set out on the in Moscow and the final stop will be in Vladivostok. We are traveling to visit distant relatives.
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Day 2- February 24

We got of the stop in Novosibirsk and we headed to the zoo! WE saw a red ruffed lemur and a polar bear!!!!!
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Day 3- February 25

The first land form that we saw was Lake Baikal. It was gorgeous.
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Day 4- February 26

We went on another trip and saw Mount Altai. Then we snacked on some Piroshik. The Piroshik was really good and it really was individual-sized baked or fried buns stuffed with a bunch of different fillings.