By Raquel J. Palacio


August is deformed and has been home schooled by his mom up to 4th grade. He only has few friends. But he decided to go to a real school with other people. Will he be normal and make friends or be judged by his face?


Olivia is August´s older sister. She is in high school and is very defensive about her brother. In the Pullman (The family's last name) family, instead of Olivia they call her Via. She is also nice and rarely mean.


Jack is one of August's best friends and is very nice. He is funny and a lot of people like him because he is pretty ¨chill¨ and cool.


I recommend this book because it´s clear, has a good story, and doesn´t go pass anything. That´s why it´s pretty eventful. I also like the choice of how the story goes and the characters. I can't really describe how good this book is. You'll say the same when you read it too!

Flyer created by Max Kyser

Max Kyser is in 5th grade and is moving into 6th very soon. His school is Lewis Elementary. He likes to read and play sports and hang out with his friends. He also likes playing games at recess.