Integrating Technology and UbD

Icebreaker: Map a List

Let's get to know each other a little better.

Step 1: Click HERE and fill out the form.

Step 2: Check out your colleagues' locations on our map.

Free tools used: Google Drive and Map A List

Classroom Ideas:

  • Data analysis and trends
  • Literature "trips"
  • Flat Stanley Crowd-sourcing Project

Prepping Our Curation Tool: Evernote

Step 1: Click here and sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Click here to put the Evernote web clipper on your Internet browser.

Step 3: Try saving a resource by visiting a webpage and clicking the web clipper icon.

Curriculum Hackjam

Debriefing the Hackjam

Debriefing questions:

What is hacking?

How is hacking portrayed in the media?

How is hacking connected with making things?

What have you (or your students) done in your work that seems like hacking?

Other thoughts:

How do our preconceived notions about materials and structures affect our behaviors?

How did the lack of an "end goal" change the course of the game?

New Hackers Dictionary

Black Hat Hacker vs. White Hat Hacker

Your task/mental framework for the day:

Given what you just experienced, how can we "hack" school? What types of changes should occur? Your goal is to identify at least 10 hacks you can implement in your classroom next year. Start now by listing at least 1.

The Need for Transfer in Technological Times

Burning Questions via Socrative

Click here.

Enter our room number: 78535

Answer the following question: What are your burning questions?

UbD Stage 1: Desired Goals in a Technological Age

UbD Stage 2: GRASPS and Technology

UbD Stage 3: Learning Tools Scavenger Hunt