Czechoslovakia vs. United States

What are the differences between our lifestyles?

Czechoslovakia vs. United States

Czechoslovakia has a wide variety of different ethnicity traits, cultural customs and other things. While in the United states we also have a wide variety of things, the two are very different.

United States' President and Czechoslovakia's President

Frequently Asked Question

  • What languages do people in Czechoslovakia speak?

Other than the Czech language which is 98%, Czechs are divided into three groups. The oldest generation (above 70) can speak German, the next group (between 30 and 70) can speak Russian, and the youngest group can speak English.

  • What is the currency conversion to USD?

The Czech currency is called Czech Crown or CZK. The exchange rate is about 1 USD=23CZK.

Kiana Breiner

My great grandpa Bull came to America from Czechoslovakia. He is my Grandma Pam's father. We aren't for sure what his original last name is because he came to America as an orphan and was adopted by a group of either Chippewa or Apache Indians. When he was adopted they