Migration - The Story of Us All

A Journey like no other!

Virtue of the Week : Commitment

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House teams, ring pull collection.

Speaking about commitment, Grade 6 have been really showing this virtue all week! You are doing a fantastic job and really making a difference to those who need help. A great cause for serving the worldwide community! Keep up the awesome work!!!!
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The Grade 6 children continued with Volume this week. They are encouraged to take note of the unit of measurements.

Key Learning:

- Litres have to be converted into cubic centimetres before we can put the numbers together and work on them.

- Reading a word problem slowly and breaking down the problem into individual sentence is another strategy that they can use.

There are about three different types of volume word problems:

1) Word problems involving a change in height.

2) Word problems involving a change in container where the dimensions of two containers are different.

3) Word problems involving fractions and time.

The children are reminded to get ready any coloured pens, colour-pencils or highlighters as they will need them for the next topic – Triangles and Four-sided figures.

Language Arts

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Re-enacted- children who have become orphaned

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Re-enacting-natural disasters leaving many families homeless

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Re-enacting- people grieving for family members

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Refugee Poems

This week we have used our creativity to plan and write our Refugee poems. At the start of the week we were inspired by the poems of young refugees as they described their homelands before the bloodshed, the destruction they witness, the emotions they felt and the hope that lingers after all the turmoil!

Next, we looked at a variety of harrowing images of refugees at moments of great despair. We Freeze Framed the grief captured by becoming the characters captured in the images. As a class we recorded what we thought the people in the photograph were thinking and feeling. Children in our class then played the parts of the people in the photograph. We asked them questions about their plight and future. All the time we gathered words and phrases in for our bank of ideas.

Finally, we began to create lines to describe what we could see, hear and feel in a image from a refugee's life. Our criteria ensured we needed to include personification, metaphoric language and similes. Our verb and adjective work was key to creating the perfect vivid image of anguish and pain we sought. In the photographs you can see how we shared our ideas across the Grade as we wished to develop everyone's writing skills. This collaboration inspired many great poems, which are attached.

Next week, we will create a Podcast of our best poems to present to you all at our Exit Point in June!

Independent write- Ben Pfister

Here I stand

The world frantically spins around me screaming for aid

but I’m helpless like a new born baby.

My family on the ground shattered,

Bombs erupt on the dusty streets as rubble scrambles off buildings,

People pray amongst the corpses to the God who isn’t there.

Here I stand…

Young children moan and cry and I think to myself,

Where is my family?

Adults hopelessly pray, babies cry in anguish, children scream as their parents fall.

Here I stand.

I want to close my eyes and hope it’s a dream,

My only hope has been blown out like a candle.

My faith dissolved like sugar in water,

as a man came with a gun.

No hopes, no dreams, no future!

Here I stand; unknown.

By - Ben

Collaborative write- Emma Parrot and Alex Brown

Here I stand

I used to live in a safe place,

Now the world frantically spins around spins around me,

Victims screaming for aid,

But I’m helpless.

Dead corpses lay untouched on the hot crumpled sidewalk like a pile of rocks left in the scorching sun.

Here I stand.

A deafening boom snatched away the silence,

Haunting screams flood my ears,

striking fear into my heart.

The sound of death lurks in every corner of each street.

Here I stand.

I just want to close my eyes and hope it’s a dream.

Only my hope has been washed out by a tsunami of terror

My heart is an empty shell,

No dreams, No hopes, No future!

Am I an orphan?

Here I stand; unknown.

By – Alex and Emma

Collaborative write- Jessa Naidu and Maya Mason

Here I stand

I once had a house,

Filled with love and happiness,

Now it all lies in ruins amongst the rubble.

I once had a family,

One I could share laughter and joyfulness with

Now their bodies litter the unsettled chaotic streets.

At home, a family, safety.

Things I had in reach,

Now taken hostage by the rubble and debris.

Here I stand.

I hear the chaos of my once beloved country.

Paralysed by fear, haunted screams flood the air as bombs erupt on the misty streets.

All I want is to close my eyes and hope it’s a dream,

Only my hope has been swept away by a tsunami of blood curdling screams and gun fire.

People pray amongst the dead corpses to a god who won’t respond.

I want my life back!

I want my family back!

But here I stand, alone.

By- Maya and Jessa

Collaborative writing- Steph Straighton and Daniel Schuster

Here I stand

I had a home,

Now it lies buried under the rubble caused by endless explosions.

Health and education, things I once had.

Now I stand in a crater with no purpose.

Housing destroyed, falling and crashing like a raging river.

Here I stand.

Bombs come cascading down from above,

Empty shells making a shrill as they bounce off the ground.

I can hear the soldier’s footsteps as they come closer to finding me,

This is the end.

Young children wail at the mercy of the cold hearted soldiers.

Here I stand.

Running with nowhere to go,

I have little faith in my soul.

Family? What family?

What I once called family is littered across the streets.

I want to close my eyes and hope it’s a dream,

Only my hope has been blown out like a candle i.n the wind

No dreams, no hope, no future!

Here I stand; unknown.

By- Steph and Daniel


The Journey Begins...

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Thsi week we began to look at the most current news stories about refugees. Our attention was immediately drawn to the incredibly horrific news in the Mediterranean. We watched a Sky News piece on migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean to gain a new life in Europe. Our knowledge of who these people were, where they came from and why they left grew. Furthermore, we began to understand why they would take such a journey.

Later, we met refugees living in the UK. They spoke about their new life, what it was like for them at the start, people's reaction, settling into school and making friends in a new country. Through this experience we began to realise the hardships faced once refugees reached new land. It was not as always the Land of Hope they wished for but it was better than the prosecution they left behind.

Next week, we prepare a news report about a natural distaster and the migration story it creates!

Key Dates

Labour Day - Friday May 1st (Holiday)

Founders Day - Friday 15th (School finishes at 12.20 pm)

Class Buddy Pick for Accelerated Group - Wednesday May 27th

UES Sports and Games Afternoon in High School - Friday May 29th

UES End of Year Mathematics Examination - Friday June 5th

Grade 6 Migration Exit Point...will be in the last week of term...keep reading to find out more!

End of School Year - Friday June 12th at 12.20pm

Home Learning

Writer's Notebook - Refugee Diary Entry

Your Migration Story - mapping skills and passport

Due Date is 8.20 am on Thursday, April 30th.

Spellings, Sentence and Test Home Learning Task

Weekly Spelling Test will be conducted on Monday in each class.