The London Journal

Salary By Luka Pajic and Cameron Whited

Salary Ranks

In the Victorian Era money was what people lived off of just like they do today. Aristocrats made £30,000 they did not have to work for it. Merchants and bankers were the second tier and got £10,000.Middle class got £300-800 and were the third tier. Some types of middle class workers were doctors,lawyers,and clerks.Lower middle class was the fourth tier and got £150-300. People that worked in this tier were head teachers, journalists, shopkeepers, and more.Skilled workers were the fifth tier and got £75-100. people that worked for that pay were carpenters,typesetters,ect. The sixth tier is Sailors and domestic staff they got £40-75. The seventh and final tier were the laborers and sailors they got £25.

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Upper class (aristocrats and merchants/bankers) did not work, because money came from inherited land and investments. Middle class (middle and lower middle class) performed mental or "clean" work, got payed monthly or annually. Working class (skilled workers, sailors, domestic staff, laborers, and soldiers) men and women who performed fiscal labor, payed daily or weekly wages.