Tech Tips

February 2018

More Technology Tools for your 21st Century Classroom

Hello Teachers,

This month I'm sharing with you a few tools I think you will love--just in time for Valentine's Day! I've got something for my elementary folks (GoNoodle), something I think both teachers and students will enjoy using (Canva) and then the tool that is going to change your life (Classroom Screen). Check them out when you have time and I hope you enjoy adding more tech tools to your toolbox.


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Classroom Screen

This awesome tech tool was developed by a teacher in the Netherlands (Laurens Koppers) who wanted to provide a "free" and simple way to help students stay more focused by turning your screen into an interactive board.

Things you can do with Classroom Screen:

  • change your background
  • use a calculator
  • set a timer
  • create a QR code
  • draw on it
  • write text
  • traffic light for classroom noise
  • and more...

See the link below for everything you need to know about this "cool tool".
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Simply create a "free" account and get started creating professional looking graphics. From the teacher to the students there are so many ways to use Canva in your classroom.

Here are 10 ways to use Canva in the classroom:

1. Posters

2. Newsletters

3. Labels

4. Certificates

5. Covers

6. Charts and graphs

7. Infographics

8. Portfolios

9. Photo Collages

10. Venn Diagrams

**Check out the link below for more details on using Canva

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GoNoodle (Great for Brain Breaks in the classroom)

Improve classroom behavior and attention with GoNoodle-- a "free" online resource that provides teachers with a library of "brain break" videos to use in their classrooms. The videos range from two to ten minutes and are geared toward students in kindergarten through 6th grade. They cover a variety of activities, such as exercise, song, dance, mindfulness, and coordination. Trust me--you and your students will be glad you tried this one out in your classroom. See the link below for all the details.