Henry Hudson was born in London, England on September 12, 1565 and died on June 22, 1611 on a boat near the Hudson Bay, Canada.

He lived in London with his wife Katherine and theirs three sons.


Hudson was a cabin boy; he learned everything he knew from the sailors he grows up with. His life style made him prepared to his journeys.

Hudson made four journeys during his career.

In 1607 and 1608, in his two first voyages, Hudsonand and his crew tried to find a northern route to Asia through the Arctic Ocean. In both times they returned to England without achieving their goal.

In 1609 Hudson tried again, but blocked because of the thick ice. This time he wasn't ready to give up, so he turned south and got to the "New York Bay" and up the "Hudson River" that bears his name today.

On April 1610, Hudson makes his last journey. He set sail on a ship called "Half Moon" and discovered a large bay and a strait in the ocean, that led him through the northern waters over Canada. Today the bay and the strait are carrying Hudson's name.

Unfortunately, Henry Hudson never actually found what he was looking for.


- I won't like to join Henry's journeys because it including be in a cold places during the winter. And I don’t like the cold or the season.

- I think that explorer must be an intelligent person, so he can know how

to deal with difficult things in his way. Brave, so he can actually do what he plans, and curious, so he always wants to see more and explore more.