Lucy Mason 7th period

Sodapop has dark hair and dark brown eyes. The book states, "He has movie star looks." His brother is taller than him. All the girls always swoon over him when they come to the gas station he works at. Also it states in the book, "His hair turns wheat golden in the summer."
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Sodapop is the happiest boy in the gang. He always is able to make someone else weather they are sad, hurt, or mad at him. He cares very much for his two brothers and the rest of the gang. Whenever Darry starts yelling at Ponyboy. Sodapop always tries to get Darry to calm down. He is about the only person who can get Darry to laugh. Ofcorse his family isn't happy that he dropped out of Highschool, but they still love eachother.
Sodapop's job is working at a gas station, but usually during his work hours he is attracting the ladies instead of doing his job. He can also never sit still during a movie he thinks it is boring, and he thinks there are more interesting things to do then watch a movie. Sodapop isn't as bad as two-bit and Dally but he will start fights with the socks and maybe be a bit rude to girls if he is in the mood.
Sodapop doesn't really have any prized possessions, he is not materialistic that much.
Sodapop is Darry and Ponyboy's brother, Steve's best friend and just a part of the gang. Everyone loves Sodapop because he always has a smile on his face and is fun to hang out with.