Drive Safe, Drive Alert

#dsda #drivesmart #driveawake

The Effect

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Our Campaign Audience

  • Ages 18-65
  • Both Genders
  • Shift Workers over "9-5" workers
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PSA Materials

Social Media Campaign

*Spend 30 minutes daily (15 in morning & 15 at night) going ahd liking pictures under hash tags (doesn’t have to be our hashtags all the time. Sometimes target other groups) this is what brings in people!

*Comment on tweets. “Great job, keep it up” & engage them in conversation.

(This brings them to your page)

*Post inspiration/eye-catching photos. Engage with the audience with questions.i.e. How do you feel about drowsy driving? What are your personal experiences?

Poster Materials

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The Scenario

Car: Ford F-150


@ 60mph

Dry Pavement Time:
t= 5.33s
(Stopping Time) + 1.5s (Reaction Time) = 6.83 sec
a = -6.87 m/s
d= 52.3 m

Wet Pavement Time:
t= 9.34s
(Stopping Time) + 1.5s (Reaction Time) = 10.8 sec
a= -3.92 m/s
d= 91.6 m

Work Cited

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