The Weirn Books

By Lawrence Austin Rogers

Theme One: Secrets are meant to be kept

Alexis and her sister live together without their parents. They have a secret, they are witches. Alexis's sister, Sarah, forbids her from going outside, but wants her to join the night school. Alexis sneak out on a night her sister is working to go to the graveyard where she practices her magic. She is found by a group of hunters, where she is instantly recognized as a witch.
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Theme Two: Family is most important

Alexis and Sarah are sisters who live together by themselves. Most times in this situation, the bond between the two sisters would strengthen. But in this situation, from what I read, their relationship seemed to be a little off. Alexis kind of shows hate towards her sister, but at the same time truly likes her.

How they relate

The two themes relate in the fact that one of the ways to keep the sisters bond strong is to keep their secret. If Sarah were to find out that Alexis was secretly sneaking out to practice magic where she could be seen, it would worsen their relationship. They must find a way for both of them to get what they want in equal shares, otherwise their relationship will continue to worsen.