Japanese Me

Xanthe Scullion

My name

My name is AIKO, I am a Japanese girl, living in Japan. My name written in Japanese looks like this; 愛子. The symbol means 愛 (ai) "love, affection" and 子 (ko) "child in Japanese. Names in japan are almost like things your parents expect you to grow up and be, so I do my best to have love and affection.

My favourite food

I love my bento box,I eat it almost everyday. It's so yummy, mine normally has a little bit of meat,vegetables, fish, sometimes pickles and rice.
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My favourite subject

I would have to say English is my favourite. It's so difficult, but I like the challenge. I find it funny how the words have so many rules, and then so many exceptions to be spelt correctly.
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What I do after school

After school every day I go do a couple hours training in my kendo club. When playing kendo you have to be respectful to your opponent and bow to them. Kendo is a sport that places great importance on etiquette. A kendo contest begins with the contestants exchanging formal bows and ends with another exchange of courtesy. This courteous bow is called rei in Japanese. The motion expresses a person's wish for victory, respect to their instructors, and gratitude to the friends who practice with them.

My favourite holiday

New Year's Day would have to top my list. There so much to do, so much fun to be had. There is always a huge parade, lots of dancing and food the streets come to life. There are lots of lights and colour. It's very festive.
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My favourite movie character

I like Godzilla personally, I like how symbolic she is to Japan. She's this huge terrorising create like a dinosaur. Thought I haven't ever seen the movie she is still famous and as important.
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My favourite endangered animal

I think my favourite would be the Japanese Golden Eagle. It's so powerful and strong it's really sad they are endangered. There are so beautiful, graceful, majestic, but as well dominating the bird kingdom. I really love them