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Week of December 14th-December 18th

Principal's Message

As we prepare to leave for break this week, it is of the utmost that we send our students home with the expectation that they will be challenged and great. We want to let them know that we want them to be safe and at the same time to maintain academic work.

I know that many of you will be sending students in your classrooms home with work to complete over the Winter Break. These assignments should be brief and specifically targeted to meet the individual needs of the students and/or class. I will provide you with a copy of my letter to send home that discusses the importance of students completing the assignments as well as websites and RTI programs from home. We will be offering incentives for completed packets/tasks. Grades K-2 will need to assemble the packets individually for their classrooms. Grades 3-6 will be given district packets to complete.

Remember that as we prepare for break...this is a time for us to be reflective on our practice, focusing on improvements, and challenging ourselves to attain new heights. We are halfway through the year and we MUST help students to reach their learning targets.

Be Great,

Dr. Jermaine Wilson

Kudos and Care Corner

We extend CONGRATULATIONS and a WELCOME! The principal at Banneker Elementary School in our district has become ill such that it will cause her to step away from her position in the district.

As KCPS looked to find a leader that could assist with the turnaround of the school, our district leadership examined vice principals with the experience of similar turnaround efforts and work with a similar population of students. As such, Mr. Chad Kinkade will be leaving us to go to Banneker as the interim principal throughout the end of the year. We will have a new addition to the team Ms. Song Yang, a vice principal in the district who will be joining our King Team. She is strong in the areas of instruction and management, as well as having experience being in the MOSIG program.

On December 14th, the two administrators will spend the day transitioning and will visit each of your classrooms to become acquainted with you and your students! Let’s be sure to extend our congratulations to Mr. Kinkade and a welcome to Ms. Yang.

Early Retirement or Resignation Notice

KCPS will be providing stipends to employees who provide early notice of retirement or resignation planned for the end of the 2015-2016 school year. Early identification of vacancies allows the district to prioritize transfer requests and attract applicants. If you are making the decision to retire or resign at the end of this school year, stipends of $1000 or $500 are offered when all criteria are met. Without exception, notifications received after Jan. 5, 2016 are not eligible for the stipend.

Forms must be completed by the employee and submitted by the principal. If you would like a packet, please email me ASAP.

Data Consults

Thank you for all of the work that you have put into the Data Consults. Last week's teachers did a phenomenal job of being reflective practitioners and examining their student achievement more closely KUDOS. As an unaccredited school in the district, we must monitor and engage staff members in a process of reflecting and discussing the impact of core instruction occurring within their classrooms. We will either have a person from the BOE or MOSIG to sit on the consult team with our staff. Staff members should create a PowerPoint presentation and additional anecdotal data to share with the team.

Each consult should only take about 30 minutes and we will have a substitute scheduled as to not interfere with your planning periods. If you need assistance, please ask a veteran team member, administrator, or a TMC to help you gather the data that you will need. I will be sending out a Powerpoint Template that you can use if you do not wish to create your own. Below are the data points you should be ready to discuss (revised):

1. Provide us with a review of student learning from the beginning of the school year to the present date.

2. Where were students in August (baseline data for ELA & Mathematics- MAP and Fall NWEA)?

3. How many of your students met their growth targets from NWEA Fall 2014 to Fall 2015?

4. What does the trajectory of progress look like from month-to-month? What are your STAR Progress Monitoring results telling you? (if applicable) If your grade level is not using STAR, how are you monitoring growth?

5. How many of the individual students met their growth targets? How many are on track to be proficient, close to proficient performance, and far from proficient performance? (proficient= on grade level)

6. What do I expect students to learn as a result of my class? (evidence)

7. How do I know that my students are learning? (evidence)

8. How do I respond when my students do not learn? (evidence)

9. How do I respond when my students have already mastered the content? (evidence)

10. What is the 90/90 Attendance Rate for your class? What improvements have you noticed? Who are your students that need attendance intervention? What are you doing as an intervention?

11. What things are you implementing to make students enjoy and look forward to being a part of your classroom?

12. How many discipline referrals have you submitted this year?

13. What are the strategies and interventions you have used for Tier 2 and 3 Behavior students?

Schedule- December 14th

  • 11:00- Wendell

Schedule- December 16th

  • 8:45- Rodenberg
  • 1:40- Poulsen
  • 2:20- Walter

Classroom Management, PBIS, and School Culture

The 12 Days of "Kingmas" PBIS and Attendance Challenge

Remember that leading up to our Holiday break, each student will receive (1) Daily Attendance Ticket for a daily attendance drawing.

The winners will be able to select any item of their choice from the Eagle Bucks Store plus other special goodies. The winning students will be called to the office between 10:30am and 10:45am to shop in the Eagle Store for their prize. There will be (1) winner per classroom daily. Late students forfeit their opportunity to enter the morning drawing with no exceptions other than school bus/breakfast delays. Please encourage your students to be at school on time to get their name in the class drawing.

Each afternoon the staff should ensure that you have given your students a punch on the 12 Days of Christmas Positive Behavior Card. The PBIS Punch card will become the student’s ticket into the PBIS Winter Dance on December 17th. K-2 students will be going to see the Polar Express on the Extreme Screen in Union Station. Students should work towards good behavior daily regardless of the required number of punches. (PLEASE TRY TO SPARE PUNCHES AND GIVE STUDENTS A LIMIT...(i.e. if you can follow the rules until lunch you will get a punch, if you can meet the expectations through dismissal--you can get a punch). There were some students that had an excess of 6 punches in one day. Remember to give students something to work for!

1:1 Device Inventory over Winter Break

Over the holiday break the district ITC staff will be working to complete inventory for 1:1 devices in as many elementary schools as possible. They will begin in the south zone and work their way to the north zone. To make sure the project runs smoothly I am asking for your assistance with the following:

1. Teachers make sure that your cart has your classroom label in tact with all devices plugged in and charged by 2:00pm.

2. Indicate via work order (First Aid Slips) any computer that needs repair. ITC will verify that a work order is placed with the vendor. Repairs may not be done at the time of inventory, but they will make sure the work order is placed.

3. Make sure all laptops are in their designated carts. Each devices will be scanned by cart and room assignment.

4. Make sure all power cords remain in the carts for charging. All power cords will be counted during the inventory process.

5. By Friday, Dec. 18th, before winter break begins have all carts moved to 1 designated area. We will come by and pick up carts to shift them to the designated rooms. This will allow all Techs to work together in 1 central location and will speed up the process.

King Instructional Non-Negotiables

As we discussed at the last faculty meeting, due to the high need of instructional foci to help student achievement to increase at King Elementary there are some non-negotiables that we will be implementing with look-fors in all classrooms. The 6 non-negotiable areas are:

1. Lesson Plans

2. “I CAN” Statements

3. Direct Instruction

4. Small Group Instruction

5. Vocabulary Acquisition

6. Student Engagement

Lesson Plans

•Must be submitted electronically by midnight on Saturday for the upcoming week

•Feedback will be distributed among the administration and coaches

•All teachers will utilize the approved King Elementary School template

•Lesson Plans posted on or by the door

•All lesson plan components should be evident during the Instructional Week.

"I CAN" statements

•Should be based on Missouri Learning Standards in ELA, Math, and Science

•Should be visibly posted on whiteboards and can be seen by students in the classroom

•Students should be able to retell the I CAN statement

•The I CAN statement should be explained to students and revisited during the lesson at least 3-4 times.

•The I CAN statement should be aligned and be reflected in student work

•The I CAN statement should be directly linked to the success criteria (outcome of the lesson)

Direct Instruction

•Teacher restates the importance and relevance of the learning objective “I CAN” statement

•Teacher demonstrates (MODELING) the skills correctly for students. The teacher should present step by step sequence for solving problems or utilizing the skills for success; the students should have a method for recording information; and collaboratively develop an anchor chart for reference.

•The teacher should solve sample problems collaboratively with students to address student misconceptions and errors. (GUIDED PRACTICE)

•Teacher should frequently use a variety of methods to CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING.

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE is distributed between Small Group Stations and Homework and should be explicitly stated in the lesson plan.

•The teacher should have a summarizing/assessment strategy to ensure that the learners have mastered the I CAN objective. (CLOSURE)

Small Group Instruction

•Students are grouped using a data metric (STAR or NWEA assessments)

•Protocols and rotation structures are used for Small Group Instruction

•There should be at least 3 mandatory ELA or Math activities: Re-Teaching/Enrichment @ the Teacher Table; Technology (Reading Eggs/Study Island/Imagine Learning); Practice

Activity aligned to the “I CAN” statement

Vocabulary Acquisition

•Teacher should be using instructional or grade level specific academic word lists

•Teacher should identify 6-10 academic terms per lesson to emphasize

•Teacher should implement the Frayer Model or 4-Square Diagram when introducing new words.

•Students should be maintaining vocabulary folders or journals in the classroom

•Students should practice/interact with academic vocabulary in at least one of four ways: Word Walls (authentic); Practice Stations for Vocabulary; and Vocabulary Games

•A functional word wall should be referenced by the teacher and utilized by the students in structured dialogue

Thoughtful and efficient lesson planning can help you to achieve all of these aspects. We will continue to get feedback on how you can support your team members in achieving success with these 6 areas. Below you will find a link for the look-fors and aspects of each non-negotiable with the exception of #6.

Staff Holiday Activities

THANKS to the Faculty Advisory Committee for planning our Holiday Activities for the month of December! As always...we encourage 100% participation!

Week of December 14th (The Nutcracker "Sweet")

  • Staff members will bring Holiday goodies on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week based on floor location. Each day will have a theme for the type of food to be displayed. The treats will be housed in the 1st floor conference room:
  • Tuesday, December 15th- 1st Floor Theme is "The Candy Bar" ...
  • Wednesday, December 16th- 3rd Floor Theme is "The Cookie Bar"...
  • Thursday, December 17th- 2nd Floor Theme is "The Sweet and Salty Bar"...
  • Items should be dropped off in the morning upon arrival. If you would rather bring a healthy item, feel free. Don't forget to pick up any trays or utensils you brought at the end of the day.

FRIDAYS in December- Staff and Students are ENCOURAGED to wear Holiday Attire!

Upcoming Dates to Remember

December 14th- Data Consults

December 14th- MOSIG Site Visit (PM)

December 15th- MOSIG Site Visit (AM)

December 16th- Data Consults

December 16th- Holiday Music Assembly

December 17th- PBIS Celebrations (Polar Express K-2 / Dance 3-6)

December 18th- Last Day of School Before Winter Break

January 4th- First Day of Second Semester (Staff and Students Return)

January 6th- Grades are DUE for 2nd Quarter

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