Popular Forms of Sales Promotions

Expose Your Product or Idea!

Premium Item Give-aways

Something that is given away, especially as a gift or premium included in a purchase.

Ex: You often get a little hat when you buy ice cream at a baseball game

Contests & Sweepstakes

A race or contest in which the entire prize may be awarded to the winner.

Ex: At a Rangers baseball game of you guess the amount of baseballs in a container you win a 3-wheeled motorcycle


A small group of people or things taken from a larger group and used to represent the larger groups.

Ex: Titleist sponsors a local golf tournament and provides a sleeve of their new golf balls to each participant

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Point-Of-Purchase Displays

A place where sales are made. On a macro-level, a point of purchase may be a mall, market or city. On a micro-level, retailers consider a point of purchase to be the area surrounding the counter where customers pay. Also known as "point of sale".

Ex: Products create an image related to the super bowl to catch consumers attention

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Special Events

When an event such as a basketball tournament is sponsored by someone and displays there product.

Ex: Nike sponsoring a basketball tournament to show off their new shoes

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When a business/company issues a discount on particular goods or services through advertisement.

Ex: Dicks Sporting Goods offering a discount on a purchase of a certain dollar amount

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