8th -14th December 2015

What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is about engaging students in our digital world through coding.It encourages problem solving through computational thinking and the activities are lots of fun!


Watch the tutorial video "Hour of Code-Introduction" to get understanding of what to do

Click on the link below the tutorial video to sample a simple coding task

Hour of Code - Introduction

How can I organise the "Hour of Code" in my classroom?

Plan your hardware needs—computers are optional

The best Hour of Code experience will be with Internet-connected computers. But you don’t need a computer for every child.

Here are a few options:

In your classroom: Use your laptops & ipads in rotation as part of your literacy groups-Students listen to the videos for instruction then read the further information to assist with each task to your students can take turns doing the Hour of Code throughout the week.

Work in pairs: This requires fewer computers, and

students collaborate to learn more.

On the board: Use your interactive white board- the entire

classroom can do an Hour of Code together on

the shared screen.

Go “unplugged:” “unplugged”tutorials are offered. These teach introductory principles of

computer science without an electronic device

If you are still interested.......

Click HERE for links for students (coding activities) and teachers (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page as it answers questions you might have .The tutorials are simple to follow .Links that you may need are there as well.

I am happy to organise something for you if you would like some support with this.

This is voluntary activity but it would a great experience for those grades (year 3 - 6) to

learn coding in a fun way.

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