Mrs. Etheridge's Class News

The Cornfield has begun

When we returned from Thanksgiving the students dove right back into learning. They each signed up for which part of the corn field they wanted to work on. They then did research and made a materials list for what they would need to construct their part. The students in charge of the ground got to work first. They decided that they would need to measure the area where they were going to put the ground. They decided they were going to use K'Nex to measure the length of the area where they would put the ground. They then took the K'Nex and measured out the paper they would need. They decided they had to lay down a piece for dirt then put the seeds on the dirt. During their research they discovered that grass does not grow in the corn field and that corn grows in rows. They made a list of what they discovered in their research so that the other groups would know some of the information when they came to work on their part. This week we have started on our corn stalks and are working on the research to make sure we get it right. This will be an ongoing project that will lead to other discussions including which animals live in the cornfield.

Our Work

Your children have been working really hard reviewing skills and learning some new skills. We have learned three color words which are red, blue, and yellow. We have added these to our sight word list and have been reviewing all of them. I know that they are really learning them when I start seeing them use them in their journal correctly. Everyone's journal writing has been constantly improving and I am so proud of what they are able to accomplish.

For math we have started working on addition. We have started with plus one. We have learned that when you add one to a number that it is the next number up. We review this every morning during calendar. We will continue moving forward on addition when we return from Christmas.

I hope you all have had the chance to review your child's journal when it came home last. They are making significant progress in their writing. I am so excited about the work they are doing and how hard they are working. This is leading them to understand how to sound out words that in turn helps them in starting to be able to read simple words. The difference between August and now is pretty amazing. I will send home December journals at the beginning of January. Please take the time to look over them with your child and have them read them to you. I'm sure you will be impressed with how well they have done.

I have been reassessing many of the students on skills they had not mastered at the beginning of the year as well as assessing them on new skills. Please take a moment to check Freshgrade so you can see their progress. If you have any questions let me know and we can discuss them.

Great things are happening and your kids are learning so much!!

Special Guests this Week

This week we had to special events. The Montgomery Ballet came and did a special presentation to show the students different steps in ballet. They also did some of their numbers from the Nutcracker. The kids loved it and were showing off their own ballet moves during recess!

We also had the pleasure to have Crosstitch Productions come and do a puppet show about the Christmas Bug. When the show was over they showed the students the puppets and how they work. It was a very interesting show and the students enjoyed watching them perform.

The Week Ahead

The week ahead will be our last week before Christmas break. Christmas is in the air and the students are so excited about all the Christmas activities going on at home. This can make it a little difficult for them to focus on things at school. This week I am going to work with your kids on this excitement and use it to infuse our learning. We will be doing candy cane experiments, building gum drop bridges, making candy cane play dough, doing M&M addition, and painting melted snowman. We will be learning but we will be having fun while we work. It should be a fun and exciting week.

We will end our week with a Christmas party on Friday at 9:30. We will be making gingerbread houses and having a special snack together. I have sent out a sign up sheet for the things we will need for the party. I apologize that this was sent so late, but we have been working to finalize the party plans. We have also been working really hard in the classroom and this week just snuck up on me! It is sure to be a fun day and I am looking forward to see what kind of houses they will build. All parents are invited to the party and we would love to have you come and celebrate with us.

Christmas Party

Friday, Dec. 18th, 9:30am

Pike Road School

Everyone is invited to come have fun with us!

Christmas Break

Monday, Dec. 21st, 9pm

Pike Road School

Christmas Break will be from December 21- January 4. Students will return on January 5. Enjoy the holidays with your family.