Oscar Schindler


Oscar Schindler was a man of the Nazi party. He bought and enslaved Jewish people. His factories produced pots and pans. Schindler later realizes what the Nazis were doing. Schindler began to bribe officials to that way her could make a list to keep his Jewish workers. Oscar put his life on the line for over 4000 Jewish civilians. Oscar often felt bad for what the Jewish people had to go through.

Before Schindler became so popular amongst the Nazis he had to order many Nazi officials drinks in return they gave him loyalty. He would be backed up by his new found friends if he was in any trouble. As Schindler moved to his new founded factory he hired many...

Jewish workers. They ranged from young to old and able to disabled. German soldiers would come and kill those who were non essential to the war effort. His Jew were sent to a concentration camp. Schindler offered to keep the Jews at his factory. Schindler saved many Jewish lives during ww2 including his Jewish friends.