AVID Daily

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Name: Adam Cash

Date: January 14, 2015

Grade level: 7th

Cornell note-taking

Cornell notes helped me get in a better study habit. IT also helped m get better at asking questions, and summarizing my notes. Evidently I will get better at putting notes together myself. Then I will be a good Cornell note-taker.

Tutorial Request Form (TRF)

These forms helped me with anything I had trouble with. Whatever class I had the most trouble is the TRF was about. After I complete this in my tutorial group, I saw a big difference in my class work.


The organization of my binder saved me time by knowing were everything was. It helped me remember when my papers needed to be turned in. If I am organized I will probably never miss anything important again.

Community Service

AVID will get you more connected to helping your community. Just helping your community can be very heart warming for the people that you are helping. This has maid a difference in my life by wanting to help people more often.

Public Speaking

This has helped me tremendously helping me get over one of my fears. Doing this I was able to talk and present my memoir in front of my class.The next step I'm taking is presenting in front of a crowd of people.


Tutorials are helpful for me because you get help for what you need. I like tutorials because I like to help people with their problems. Another reason is that I get help one on one with a tutor.
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What will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

What I will try to do next semester is to get better at making my own notes. Another thing i will try to do is get better prepared for is my test. Last but not least is to keep my binder more organized, so I can never miss anything important.