Weekly Newsletter

March 23rd - 27th and March 30th - April 2nd

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Happy Spring, it is OFFICIALLY here (although it didn't seem like it today!), and Mrs. Meinel couldn't be more ready for it! Take a look at some of our Spring-time projects in the hallway.

This Week in Kindergarten

This week, we will learn more about Jesus' arrest, trial, and crucifixion. As I mentioned last week, the students are doing a wonderful job with what can be a very sad, but at the same time very loving and comforting story of our Lord. Next week we will hear the good news that Jesus has risen!

For reading we are wrapping up the letter Jj, and will start Unit 10, which focuses on Xx and Yy. We are also working on writing a paper before the end of the school year. Yes, that's right, A PAPER. Mrs. Meinel has three authors in her class this year, is case you didn't know! We will probably finish up with the Superkids' Club series in mid-late April, leaving us a few weeks to focus on other things. Our writing will be one of those things, and the kids are off to a terrific start already!

For math these next few weeks we will learn about counting by 2s, identifying even and odd numbers, measuring distances, practice more number stories, and identifying and making symmetrical designs.

Our themes for these next few weeks will be Weather, Picnics, Easter, and the Veterinarian/Veterinary Clinic. This week Friday we will be having our own picnic. I am asking for families to send in a favorite picnic item. I will supply the juice boxes if you all can send in just a small amount of one of your child's favorite foods for our picnic - it can be fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers, or anything similar! Please email me if you are able to send in something small for this event. Thanks in advance! :) Also, if someone has an old blanket we could borrow that day, it would be greatly appreciated, just let me know!

For the following week (Holy Week) we only have four days of school. We will have a few mini-units. We are in need of some "pets" to visit our classroom "Vet Clinic". Please have your child bring in a stuffed animal or two that we can pretend with for the week of March 30th. I know I'm asking a lot, but these are the types of experiences that students learn the most from! Thanks again for being awesome parents! :)

Upcoming Events

This Sunday, March 29th is Palm Sunday. The kids are singing "Little Donkey" during the 10:30 a.m. service. Please meet me in the back of the church by 10:20.

Easter Break begins on Good Friday, April 3rd. Classes resume on Monday, April 13th.

Wrap Up

Easter Blessings to you all! Enjoy your time with your loved ones, and most important, take this time to reflect on all that Jesus has done for you!

Love and Blessings,

Mrs. Meinel