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English 9 4x4 Final Exam

Journal Refletion : Unlimited Funds

If I had unlimited funds i would go to New York and buy out the whole flight club market, buy out the ownership of walmart, target, bestbuy, and bj's. Id maybe buy houses in each time zone and buy properties in diffrent countries. I mean why not do all this if the funds are unlimted, and since i have to do this all in a weekend id buy a jet to reach to my locations way faster. Id try to invest all my money and make smart desecions with it, so I can have more money to come when the weekend is over. Next I would go buy my family whatever it is that they want, so they can be quiet with " I wish i had this, i wish i had that". And lastly I would buy apple and samsung just because itll be sweet to do so.

I feel like this was my best journal just because I feel as if i could go forever and ever on the topic. Money is money and there is alot of things in the world i do not have i wish i could have. It was intresting to me and i actually enjoyed it to be honest. Yes I was able to make real life connections to this prompt.

Dream Speech Revision

I have a dream that one day ill have a lot of money when I get older as a man and have a good financial life. I will succeed that dream of that by doing well in school and graduating with a 3.0 GPA or higher. As that is said that is another dream graduating with a 3.0 and to do that I will be focusing on doing all my class work, studying my work after a school. I have a dream that I make my family proud and throughout the years there going to be loving and by my side when I need them. Another dream I have is one day I plan on owning a shoe store. That is because I’m addicted to shoes, I study them a lot, history, and etc. And lastly I hope that when my time has come to die I will walk the gates of heaven.

Student Choice Short Essay

As with many of his writings, Bradbury raises concerns about technology this time with the focus on time travel. Through the warning given about small changes in the past causing drastic changes in the future, and the outcome showing that Eckels has negatively affected the present by altering the past, Bradbury suggests that technology and time travel are dangerous and destructive and are things that shouldn't be pursued.

Note to Self: Semester Reflection

Dear Ms. Pineda

This semester i feel like I couldve done way better with myself and couldve prepered myself for class way better. My favorite part was i have a dream sppech because with that i had alot to talk about and it was interesting. My least favorite were the comma practices.

Sincerely, Shaquan Fortune