Susquehanna University

"Achievement, Leadership, Service"

Location and Campus

Susquehanna University is located in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. A town of about five thousand residents, it is set along the banks of the Susquehanna River. This location proves to be prime, as it is within fifty miles of Harrisburg, and mere hours from New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. As for the physical campus, Susquehanna University is home to two separate schools, the School of Arts and Social Sciences, and Sigmund Weis School of Business. Home to more than eighty five facilities, it covers around 325 acres in total. Vast in size, the campus provides the open feeling of being in a close community, while also providing academic opportunity. In addition, the University takes on certain themes for the entire campus to follow by. The current theme for Susquehanna University is 'humor,' and can be shown reflecting in the Common and across the campus and programs.

Academic Opportunity

Susquehanna University offers over sixty majors and minors to incoming students. However, the central curriculum focuses on the liberal arts. This includes the development of critical thinking and communications and global perspective, as shown in things like their student written newspaper, the Crusader, which offers critical communication to others. In addition, the University also offers pre-professional programs in certain degrees, such as dentistry, law, ministry, teaching and veterinary medicine. Students can also participate in an Interdisciplinary Honors Program, and even conduct faculty-mentored research in all disciples. Internship opportunities are also offered in and out of the country. Each student enrolled at Susquehanna University gets the opportunity to add to their basic education by participating in several academically challenging programs, which will enhance what they have already learned.

Activities and Traditions

Student activities include around 150 organizations. These include several nationally recognized community and service learning programs. On account of these programs, over 25,000 community service hours are completed by students annually. In addition, there is a student run radio station and newspaper, along with several literary publications. There are also student, faculty, and professional instrumental, choral, and theatrical performances. The University also hosts public lectures and performances for the community to enjoy. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a campus wide ministry program that works with many faiths. Some traditions include Freshman Move In Day, where both upperclassmen and faculty help the incoming students move in to their dorms. Also, there is a yearly Christmas time reading by the president of the University. All of these traditions and activities aim to help the students enjoy their time at Susquehanna to its fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to get into this school?

Susquehanna University requires a completed application to be filed with the University. They also require incoming students to submit either SAT or ACT scores, ones ranging from 1040 to 1190 for prime acceptance. Susquehanna is considered competitive, with an average GPA of 3.38 for the class of 2018.

What activities and programs are offered at this school?

Susquehanna University offers various sports programs, including football, softball, lacrosse, basketball, track and field, and soccer along with many more. Also, student life includes around 150 student organizations that range from the arts to both a student run radio and newspaper. In addition, there is an active ministry community on campus.

Why are you considering this college?

I am considering this university because it offers good opportunities for an undecided student like myself. It also offers different transfer options if needed, and over 60 majors and minors if I decide to complete all four years of my education at this University.

What may people not know about this college?

People may not know that Susquehanna University has a theme that all the programs and activities on campus follow. The current theme is 'humor.' Some may not know that Susquehanna was originally two separate universities that combined in to one.

Where is this school located? What is the school motto?

Susquehanna University is located in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The school motto is "Achievement, Leadership, Service."

What components make up the school? Is there a graduate program? What sort of colleges are inside this university?

Susquehanna University contains two schools, the School of Arts and Sciences and the Sigmund Weiss School of Business. There is also an honors program and opportunities for International Study.

What is the history of the school? Are there notable alumni?

Susquehanna University was first founded in 1856, along with a sistering school. The two then came together in 1895 and was remaned what it is called today. Some notable alumni are David T. Little, Alan M. Bennett, and Adam Harris.