Northridge Staff Newsletter

Week of September 19, 2016

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If your family is comprised of nerds like mine, you might sit around every week from Memorial Day through mid-September enjoying American's Got Talent. Like I said, my family is made of a bunch of might recognize TapeFace. If you are super curious, watch a quick clip HERE.

While I don't consider anyone at Northridge to be quite TapeFace, he sure did inspire me for this week's newsletter.

As we continue to discuss, there are so many changes happening all around us on site this year. New teachers, new principal, new support staff, new kids, and new families. All of which throws us into a place of unknowns. Yes. It's super unpredictable, messy, confusing and at times...frustrating. I feel it, too. I promise.

But we're in this together. We all want what's best for kids and to make this an awesome school together.

We can't do it if we are all TapeFaces. Please please please...speak up! Stop me and share your questions, confusion, frustration, etc. Come by my office, shoot me an email or text...just please TELL ME!

If I'm doing something to make you crazy, please speak up. If you want me to START doing something, please speak up!

In the weeks to come, we will be reaching out as a leadership to get more teacher input and insight as to better understand your needs.

So, please...peel off that tape and come chat! I'd love to know what you need! I'm in it with you. We are team Wildcat!

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Every Student has a Story: Jose

This is Jose, a 3rd grader in Missy's class. The youngest brother of 16 year and 13 year old brothers. Jose lives at home with his mom and dad. His dad restores houses and mom is a hair stylist. When Jose's mom and dad are working late or into the evenings, his 16 year old brother makes him dinner and helps with homework.

Jose was born in Mexico and moved here when he was younger. He says he misses his grandma and grandpa, who still live in Mexico, and wishes he could go visit them. While he does want to go back to Mexico to visit, he thinks the food isn't so great and says he likes food in America far more than Mexico.

Jose has been at Northridge since Kindergarten and says that 2nd grade was his favorite grade since he really liked his teacher. He says third grade is fun because he got to build a 3 Little Pigs structure out of marshmallows, toothpicks and cheeseballs that could withstand The Big Bad Wolf hair dryer. Jose almost won, but took 2nd place after his friend Casey encouraged him to not give up. What a great lesson on grit and perseverance!

It's amazing what you can learn about someone in only 5 minutes. Thanks for sharing Jose, Missy!

Makerspace/Maker Lab coming to Northridge!!

Over the summer, Missy and I worked together to put together a few grants to start a MakerSpace here at Northridge. What is a MakerSpace?? It's THIS, in a nutshell. Thanks to a lot of hard work in Missy's part, we have been awarded funding to start a MakerSpace, starting with $500! We are hopeful to receive more as we are being featured at Evening with the Stars in October, where we may be awarded $5000! This is very early, so we don't know much, but wanted to share the exciting news with you. Please stop either myself or Missy to ask for more information. We will soon have a space (most likely shared space with the STAR room) for kids to come build the longest chain, strongest tower, build, explore, question, create...

Sending kids to the office: UPDATE

Now that we are a few weeks in and learning more about the behaviors of our students, I wanted to come back to the idea of sending students to the office. If you have a student who is being so disruptive that teaching cannot happen, please call the office and write an ODR. Someone will be down as soon as possible to support.

We'll spend more time discussing behavior supports as a staff. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to call if teaching is impossible due to student behavior.

Please, please, please...come see me if you feel as though you need additional support for a student. I want you to have a great year and will do what I can to support you and your students!

Project GLAD at Northridge

FYI, teachers from across the district will be attending Project GLAD demo here at Northridge in Alex's room. In the afternoon, teachers will be planning in Room 17. This may affect you if you choose to laminate/work in room 17 in the afternoons. GLAD will be using Room 17 on the afternoons from 9/27-9/30.

This may effect parking! Training starts at 8:00 so I'm guessing our parking lot will fill up fast!

Staff Feedback, please

If you have not already, please respond to Missy's email seeking feedback on the 3 things you need right now by Monday afternoon. This will help guide our conversation during Tuesday's leadership meeting.
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Thank you, Lynn, Charlie, Cody and Claudia, and Cheryl!

Thank you for all your efforts in being sure we were prepared and organized to pass both Williams inspections! Way to support our teachers, kids and school. And thanks to all teachers for your work as well.

And a HUGE thank you to Cheryl for all the support in getting our kids to complete their MAP testing!

Upcoming Dates

Monday, Sept 19: Petra off site from 8-11:30 for Scholastic training (Missy as TIC)

Tuesday, Sept 20: Leadership 7:45-8:30 (all welcome to listen in) in Room 17

School Site Council 3:35-4:35 in Room 17 (all welcome)

Wednesday, Sept 21: Petra off site from 8-11:30 for Network Meeting (Missy as TIC)

National Gratitude Day

Thursday, Sept 22: Maya's back! Board Member visit from 9:30-11:00. Staff Illuminate training from 2:20-3:20 in Room 17.

Friday, Sept 23: Fire Drill at 2:00. More info to come.

Tuesday, Sept 27-Friday, Sept 30: Project GLAD demo in Alex's room.