Pine View Middle School Archery

On Target for Life

PVMS Archery Club meeting dates/times

The PVMS Archery Club will meet on the following dates from 3:00-4:15 pm.

Monday, September 24 (Media Center)

Monday, October 1 (Media Center and Range)

Monday, October 22 ( Media Center and Range)

Monday, October 20 (Range) New date added 10/26/18

Monday, November 5 (Range)

Monday, November 12 (Range)

Monday, November 26 (Range)

Monday, December 10 (Range)

Monday, December 17 (Range)

myLearning Archery Course

PVMS Archers will be participating in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). The first couple of weeks they will be learning about range safety, range whistle commands, 11 steps to archery success, aperture, equipment nomenclature, using string bow training devices, goal-setting, individual and coaching development and much more.

The myLearning Archery Course will scaffold the information that each of our Archers should know so that safety is always the priority and they are knowledgeable about the sport of Archery. Please have your archer share their myLearning Archery Course with you, too.

If our weather is not favorable to utilize the outdoor range and archery equipment we will still meet and discuss topics such as the history or archery, conservation and the role that outdoor enthusiasts play being a responsible steward of nature.

Archery is safe and fun! We look forward to working with each of our PVMS archers this semester.

NASP Certified instructors:

Mrs. Warren-

Mrs. Marshall-

Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Marshall were sponsored by the local Safari Club International (SCI) to participate in the American Wilderness Leadership School in the Bridger-Teton National Forest outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

For more information on AWLS, please visit:

and go the AWLS link.

Archery shirts and Remind Code

Please use the link below to complete your archer's shirt size for their Archery Club shirt. Parents may also order an Archery Club shirt at this link, too. Parents may pay for their Archery Club shirt on ACORN after they have secured their order via the link. Orders for shirts will be placed by Friday, September 28.

Remind Code for families:


Enter this number 81010

Text this message @6b622e

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