The First Day of Middle School

Brianna Seals

The night before I was so nervous.I didn't even sleep very well but at least before bed I got to watch my favorite TV show.The next morning I was still very nervous. The good thing was seeing all of my friends again. I was also exited so to meet all my new teachers.

When I got to school I had to ask the teachers in the hall where most of my classes were.I made it to first period and the teacher was super nice.We did this little '' All About Me'' worksheet.Second and third period were okay but I wasn't as nervous anymore. Fourth period was my favorite because it was P.E which was good because I love sports.

At this point I wasn't even nervous anymore which was good. Fifth period through seventh was really good.By eighth I was exited because it was almost time to go.I got home and I was so happy i've made it through my first day at school.Now I love school here at Anna Middle School.

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