Personal Banking

You will never dislike a trip to the bank again!

IDFC Bank’s customer care is absolutely world class, making a trip to the bank a pleasurable experience for each customer.

If you were born in the last century, you would have memories of tedious trips to the bank. You may have started by accompanying your parents to the bank, sitting and waiting for a really long time as they stood in line or waited to have their token number called. Then they would trudge to another counter to deposit a cheque or sometimes, they would even meet the bank manager. All of this took such a long time that you began dreading the monthly bank visits.

Things didn’t improve much when you grew up and started operating your own bank account. But then, the Internet revolution began in the 2000s and soon, banking in India began to transform for the better. Soon, all transactions went online as banks computerised their working, and services became quicker and more efficient.

But something changed in Indian banking forever: customers did not need to visit the bank anymore! Except for submitting account opening forms, customers were not required to visit the bank for their personal banking needs. Everything was now done over the Internet, so there was really no need to visit the bank branch.

These days, one would grumble if some kind of banking transaction was not possible over the Internet. One’s mood is not improved by harried bank staff that does not have time to exchange pleasantries with customers. But one bank stands apart from the rest on this front: IDFC Bank. Fast is consolidating itself in the Indian banking sphere for delivering quality services and products to customers, the bank is also developing a robust reputation for excellent customer care for every visitor.

IDFC Bank does not make distinctions between its business and personal banking customers, nor does it treat any customer preferentially for any reason. This is the hallmark of its customer care ethos: to treat every person walking in through its doors with the same degree of solicitous attention. The bank understands that customers coming to the branch require immediate assistance, that they do not have time to waste waiting to be helped on their errand. Many customers visit the bank on their way to work, so they are already slightly impatient. Recognising the need to finish transactions quickly, efficiently and in the friendliest manner, the staff at IDFC Bank springs to action and assists every customer with their problem, big or small, in the simplest way possible. Senior citizens and people unfamiliar with banking are assisted such that they may understand each step of the process they need to follow.

And all of this is done without being intrusive or over-friendly. No wonder then that customers love to visit their nearest IDFC Bank branch for their personal banking needs. After all, they encounter friendly faces who let them bank peacefully and in the most cordial atmosphere. So whether you need to deposit a cheque or get entries in your pass book, you will make the trip to the bank with a smile on your face!