A Little About Me

By- Ashley Dodds


Hi, I am Ashley Dodds. I live in Canton, GA and I am a Junior. I attended Creekview HS for my freshman year and my first semester of sophomore year and then I began taking all my classes with GAVS. My favorite subject in school is Biology so I am really looking forward to this year. I am taking this course because I wanted to learn more about biology and a class that will be more challenging!
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Basic Facts

My absolute favorite color is green and I love all different kinds of music, from Country to Dubstep. My favorite book and movie is the Hunger Games. I also love the Immortal Series: The City of Bones, The City of Glass, and The City of Ashes. I ride horses and recently competed in the North American Junior Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) which is like the Junior Olympics for my sport. My horses name is Manhattan IV and his barn name is Manny. NAJYRC was held in Kentucky in July and my team brought home the Gold medal and I finished 6th individually. The reason I started GAVS last year is because in order to qualify for NAJYRC I had to travel a lot for competitions and training and I started to miss to many days of school so online classes were a better option.

College and Career Aspirations

My top two favorite colleges are Auburn and University of Florida. My main goal is to be in the Olympics for my sport and to be a horse trainer after that. But, I want to attend college before that so I can I have a back up plan in case that does not work out. I would love to go to Vet School or Law School.

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My Pets

I have two cats, three dogs, three horses, a miniature pony, and a guinea pig. My cats names are Fireball and Trigger, they are brothers. Maggie, Darcy, and Biscuit are my dogs. Biscuit is a Rat Terrier that I got from my friend when I was 9. Maggie and Darcy are Golden Retriever mixes that my family adopted as puppies. My horses are Manny, Molly, and Copper. Manny and Molly are both ex race horses. Manny is 16 and Molly is 4. Bandit is my miniature pony who was born at my house and is now 5 years old. And then there is my Guinea Pig, Pig, who I bought at Petsmart around a year ago.

What I Like To Do

When I am not riding, I like to run, play lacrosse, and hangout with my friends and family.

Florida Life

I am currently living in Florida for the winter. I have been down here since November, training with Olympic Gold Medalist, Leslie Law. Most of my competitions are down here during these months so it makes it easier and less travel if I am already down here. Plus, its a lot warmer!