Weekly Report

Week Ending December 5, 2015

How NOT to be a leader who enables others.

Michael Scott Leadership

Highlights of the Week:

- Mr. Mueller's 7th grade Social Studies class participated in a live web chat with Miguel Arino. Miguel lives in Madrid, Spain. Our students crafted questions to ask as they continue to study Europe and Spain. Mr. Mueller asked me to come in next week and discuss my time spent living in Hungary and travelling around Europe.

- I was asked to be a featured speaker during the student-centered portion of the 2016 Snow Tire Conference being held in Lansing at the start of February. My topic will revolve around a framework to use when applying student assessment data to classroom instruction.

- Lots of preparation by students for the Christmas concert this Sunday @ 4:00 pm.

- Mrs. Baldwin took four students to Lansing for a technology fair. They got a chance to meet with our locale state representatives.

- We sold $776 of products from our NED Show pay it forward program. This is what allows for the NED Show to perform at no cost to the schools.

- Logon Hoffman (Amy Baldwin's replacement) subbed in our building this week. Several staff commented that they think she is going to be a good fit for us.

Problems of the Week:

- I had to deal with some student behaviors that deal with integrity.

- Several cases of head lice in the building across the grade levels.

You Should be aware of:

- The National Lutheran School Accreditation Director has processed our application and we are ready to begin the process. Chuck Winterstein has bee appointed tot serve as our consultant for accreditation. Our first order of action will be to conduct a self-study using the tools provided.

- I met with a representative from FACTS to learn more about their services. FACTS could provide third party tuition management and payment processing to our organization. It would integrate easily with QuickBooks. I see this as a viable option that would benefit our school.

- Gov. Snyder has come out against Senate legislation that would allow individuals to carry concealed weapons in schools and other pistol-free zones saying he would veto the bills as written.

- I am considering the prospect of putting together an alumni appreciation week. It would probably be a social media event that would include the posting of old pictures and trivia like questions. My thoughts are to do this after the Christmas break.

- The PTL has asked if they could do a Breakfast with Baldwin on December 18th to honor Amy. I am thinking might be rolled in with our plans for her.

Enrollment as of 12/4/2015= 175 preschool-8th grade

There has been no change for several weeks.

Schedule of Events

12/06/15- Christmas Concert @ 4:00 p.m.

12/06/15- Fiesta Dinner to follow the Christmas Concert

12/07/15- Students start Christmas program practice

12/18/15- Ugly Sweater Day for Staff

12/20/2015- Children's Christmas Service 4:00 p.m.

12/22/2015- Last day of school before break

12/24/2015- Children's Christmas Service 6:00 p.m.