The Democratic-Republican Party

We are in it for the people, lets make it equal!

The States Debt!

At first the Democratic-Republicans did not support the Federalists idea on the states debt but they agreed on it if the National Capital was moved to present day Washington D.C.

Creation Of A National Bank?

The Democratic-Republicans think that there should be a state controlled bank but the Federalists think that we should have a bank controlled by the nation. What do you think? Vote now!

Leaders Of The Party

The French In War?

The French are in a war with Britain and they have the Native Americans on their side. The Democratic-Republicans think that we should go and help them overthrow their king while the Federalists think that we should side with the British in order to gain more land for America.

Should The National Government Have All Of The Power?

The Democratic-Republicans are saying that the National Government should get their power from the people, meaning the people have a say in the government and they get to vote for a representative, but the Federalists think that the government should have all the power and control everything, they make the laws, pick representatives, and even can control what we can and cannot do.

Alien and Sedition Acts

The Federalists made the Alien-Sedition Acts to try to weaken and silence the Democratic-Republicans. Little did they know that later it would backfire and help the Democratic-Republicans win the election in the 1800 election.

War With Britain In 1812!

In 1812 the president declared war because in 1807 Britain tried to cut off the U.S. trading system and the ¨War Hawks¨ kept putting more and more pressure on him about it. During the war the U.S. stopped all trade to and from Britain. This dramatically hurt the British people living in the U.S. because they got almost ALL of their supplies from trade with Britain. In the end commissioners signed The Treaty Of Ghent. This was ratified the following February.

By: Colby Faulkenberry