All about me

By Alexander Beaumia

Where I moved from and why.

I moved from Tampa,Florida to Wisconsin last Friday. I moved here because all of my family lives up here and i already have a house. My mom and dad drove 20 hours to Wisconsin over a few days.

Why I was happy to come back.

I forget to write I used to live here before until my dad joined the army, then we moved to Florida. I was happy because i will get to see my family members that i haven't seen in 4 years. I was also happy because I was coming to a big house instead of a small apartment.

Why I was nervous to come back.

I was nervous to come back because I have changed and my family members think I am the same person. I also was nervous about coming to a school in the middle of the year and doing all the stuff they are without any knowledge of what to do.

My Family

My family consists of my brother [Peter], my dad [Pete], my mom [Patty], and me [Alex]. My mom used to work at a law firm until we moved so now she and my dad are unemployed. I am the oldest son and my brother is the youngest.

All about me

This is mostly what I am and my family is and has to do with moving to Wisconsin. I moved more than 2 times and my dad is a veteran and a Sargent in the army. This is all about me and my family.