Making Your Own Compost

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Why you should start making your own compost and how.

Welcome to the Healing Hands Plant Rehabilitation and Garden Newsletter! Last year we made a great investment. We started making our own compost. Not only did this prove to be beneficial but also reduced waste. You want to stay away from proteins and unnatural food particles. We used potatoes, corn cobs, vegetable & fruit peels, tea bags and coffee grounds. We also used leaves and branches and made sure that the bin was in a well sun lit area for warmth and decomposition purposes.

We started with a plastic storage bin with a lid and punched numerous holes all over it, including the lid. You can make your own out of wood if you'd like but we found that it was better to reduce the initial decomposition scent using a plastic bin. Beneath the bin we placed a top that was slightly bigger than the bin itself so it could catch what we refer to as the " black gold" liquid that forms at the bottom of the compost. We turned it over every other day and used a shovel to mix it. It proved to be useful to put the "black gold" back into the compost after 1 month. Repeat the process every time you see the liquid build up. It takes about 3-4 months to be able to utilize your compost after you fill it full of scraps and maintain it. If you notice a wet compost you can put a little sand and leaves in it. We recommend sand instead of dirt because if you use dirt, then what ever seeds and roots are in the dirt they will sprout and grow. If you start to notice a little stench of rot after a couple of months put about 2 cups of lime powder in it and mix. That is a sign of too much nitrogen and compost if the process of decomp is healthy it will not stink. If it's too wet then add your sand and leaf mix to it. Blend it well and turn it over every 24 hours. After 3-4 months or maybe longer depending where you live and the climate, you should have natural brown, earth smelling compost that will most likely already have worms in it! Our gardens are beautiful because of this compost and its has so many benefits to it that all of your plants and gardens will love!

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