The Raddatz Record

February 1, 2016

Book Orders

Book Orders were sent home last week. If you are interested, you may return the paper copy or order online. Let me know if you need the online code for our classroom. Please order by this Thursday, February 4th!

Many of your children have been given a birthday book certificate from me in honor of birthdays. If your child received one so far this year (we have celebrated his or her birthday or 1/2 birthday), please make sure he or she uses it on one of the book orders. If your child did not receive one yet, the will on their birthday or around the half birthday date.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching! Our Valentine's Day party will be February 12th at 2:45. Please see Mrs. Marsala's sign up genius to sign up to help! You should have received it through email. If you didn't and want to help, please let me know.

The students will bring home today directions about a mailbox to make at home for the party and the list of names for Valentines. Valentines can be hand made or store purchased. The students can include a treat or small gift like a pencil with the valentine but it is not required. If you need help with this, please let me know.


Students are continuing to study patterns of characters in book clubs. The students have finished the first book in a series and are starting a second book today. The students should notice some of the characters, settings, or structure similarities between the two books. They also are discussing the character development as well.

A new reading log comes home again today as well. Reading at home is very important. Thanks for your support with this! This pink reading log will be due on February 29th.


We are taking a few days to review writing a personal narrative (small moment story for the student's real life experiences). We reviewed how important the elements of great narrative writing can be.

These elements include:

  • many details
  • a small moment, focused story (often less than 1/2 hour in "real life")
  • grabber leads
  • strong endings
  • paragraphs
  • correct punctuation
  • dialogue

After, we will begin to work on opinion writing like a persuasive essay. If you happen to come across a magazine or newspaper article that is written to persuade the audience, please let me know. A copy of the article would be great!

Social Studies

We are diving back into social studies. Mrs. Smith is leading a discussion about many Native American tribes from the greater Michigan area. The students will be working on a project and later sharing the learning with another grade. More details to come!


Time is our new focus for a short amount of time. Many students came into the class already having many skills to tell time. This year, students will need to tell the time correctly to the nearest minute. They will also need to answer questions about elapsed time where either the start time, end time, or the elapsed time needs to be found.

Many students are successful with the concept of elapsed time when it is shown on a number line. Please see the example below.

Elapsed Time: How to Solve Elapsed Time on a Number Line