Democratic Party

Vote Democratic, you'll be in good hands!

Party Platform

The Democratic party works to help the people as much as they can. We believe that the government should be hands on in the daily lives of the people. We support the death penalty and legalization of marijuana. Also, we believe in giving out welfare to people that may need it, and encouraging education to all citizens is all greatly supported. We believe that the government should also provide more opportunities to the less fortunate. Overall, our main goal is to give everyone the best possible life.

Plank Issues

Death Penalty:

As Democrats, we believe that the death penalty should be used. Although we support it, we believe there are certain guidelines that need to be followed in order to use the death penalty. These guidelines include, the death penalty shouldn't be used out of random. The person on death row needs to be a definite criminal, because many incidents have happened when the man/woman was killed, but was found innocent eventually. We will do our best to stop crimes so the death sentence doesn't have to be used much. We will also be careful with who we use the death penalty for by giving DNA testing and we encourage post-conviction reviews.


Democrats understand the importance of turning around struggling public schools. We believe in strengthening all schools and working to expand public school options for low-income youth. To help encourage college for every student, we took on banks to reform student loan programs, saving more than 60 billion dollars by removing banks as the middlemen, so they could directly invest in students. We believe in making education more affordable, making tuition tax deductible, expanding pell grants, and cutting student loan interest rates.