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Building Community

We had another busy week, and we all made it through. The Super Moon seemed to really have an impact on our students here and in turn an impact on us. We are almost two weeks post election and I've seen and heard amazing conversations happening throughout the building. It is important to keep reminding students that here at T-Plus they are safe. We can help our students with resources but once they leave our doors we no longer can have a say in what they do.

I heard from the Principals at North High School at a meeting talk about how their students, when surveyed, articulated that they not only need staff to be their teachers and support but also their mothers and fathers. Many of our students may feel that way too. We need to try to remember to look at the resources they need and loop in our mental health professionals- social workers, psychologists, collaborative, school counselor- as they are aware of all the resources currently being received and the resources available to our students. We want to make sure that resources are equitably distributed and we are maintaining professional boundaries.

As we enter into this week and the holiday season, we need to remember that this may not be a happy time for all of our students- this may be a time of greater anxiety. When students have longer periods of time off they may need to figure out where they go during the day and how they will get the meals they typically get at school. For some of our students they may be wondering how to provide for their own children as the resources for them are also on vacation. Remember our students may balk at structure but they also crave it and it gives them comfort. Please try to maintain your student expectations as we move into this season.

I am thankful to be part of such a rich community in diversity. I am thankful for all of our staff that show up each day prepared to give their all for students.

Please take this well deserved break, recharge and rejuvenate as we move forward for the next few weeks pre- winter break.

Have a warm Thanksgiving Holiday from the T-Plus School Counseling Department

Please see the 2nd Semester Master Schedule- click here. 2nd semester course selection will begin immediately after winter break- heads up! Schedule

I can’t wait ‘til this is over. I just have to get through the next few months. I wish I could fast forward to January, or better yet, February….

Many of us have these kinds of thoughts and feel a sense of dread about the holidays. The holiday season brings extra responsibilities, extra expenses and a whole lot more stress. But it doesn’t have to become a huge, exhausting hassle. You can savor a satisfying and relatively stress-free holiday season. Here’s how.

Be clear about your priorities --------------Rethink gift-giving

Take real good care of yourself------------Schedule free time

Keep a sense of humor-----------------------Ask for help

T+ Kindness Chain

Annie and Christina brought forward this great idea-

While brainstorming Wednesday morning about our ideas for resources to make available to our students, we noticed a theme. We kept returning to the idea that highlighting the kindness that we see in the world and in our school community is super important.

Students and staff members can recognize kindness when we see it and record it onto a safety-pin shaped piece of paper. Kindness can be recorded in writing, by picture or any other way that may be effective communication. These links will join together and hopefully stretch across the building. This is a particularly appropriate activity for students on my caseload so I will be starting with them. Our chain will start in our classroom and stretch into the hallway where it can join with the chains of other participating classrooms.

Christina will be providing the stencil for the safety pin shape and also will be available to help students with this project on CBI Friday afternoons in the cafeteria. The link to this stencil is in the licensed staff folder.

Due Process Reminders

Case managers need to notify all team members involved on the evaluation when the evaluation due date is.

Team members should not be receiving emails that evaluations are due tomorrow on students. With the number of evaluations that Speech/Language, School Psychologists, and the Nurse have to do, they need to know when the 30 days goes into effect and the due date.

Also, some of our students have specialized schedules or attendance issues. All team members need the opportunity to do their assessment pieces with students and a one day notice is not acceptable.

Coffee Plus News

Dear coffee and sweet lovers,

The Coffee Plus cart is usually in operation from 9:45-11:00.

Because the Coffee Cart takes students out of the classroom every day, our time together is very precious. Some days we have up to 20 interruptions per class. Please try not to come to C183 asking for coffee, cookies, sugar, etc.. Tia is more than happy to help and share with anyone when she's not teaching J

Thanks so much for your help!

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, we are reminded of all things and people we are thankful for in our lives. One of our own staff here at Transition Plus was burned out of where she was living and is currently in need of household items to set up a place of her own.

Mamie who has only been in the United States for a year has been renting a room from someone and a fire in the home has now left her homeless and possibly without her belongings. Please check with her to see if she needs anything in particular that you may have and wish to get rid of as she could use some assistance at this time. When she is able to find a place of her own, she might need assistance with moving too. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help because of our own pride, but it is at times like this that we as a community can come together to support Mamie who has been a wonderful addition to our team. Thank you for your caring support.

Scan Lab

Scan Lab continues to need items to scan, preserve those family memories with our lab services. For as little as 5 cents an image, your memories will be saved forever. We can also burn CD/DVD's with photos from your phones! Want to save all those selfies? We can do it!

You can bring your items to MaryAnn or the Scan Lab in C220.

There are some openings in the Scan Lab, see MaryAnn to find out which period.

Leave Requests

If you are requesting planned sick leave, it is ideal to give 48 hours notice. I understand that there are times that can not happen, but it allows us to plan for staffing if need be.

If you ride a bus, please make sure you are arranging for a sub if you are not going to be riding. If you are unable to get a sub you need to let Daphne or Colleen know as soon as possible.

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