"Learn Something New Project"


Starting/Intro Video

Intro video for "learn something new"

Making Japanese Style Curry

This was the first main meal I had ever made entirely by myself.

A Quote from My Mentor

"Kana has really been enjoying learning how to cook. She has been helping me make dinner and is learning quickly."

-Maki Okafuji (mother/mentor)

A Quote from Me

"Learning how to cook has been a great experience so far. I have learned so much and I hope to take advantage of these skills in college."

-Kana Okafuji

A Quote from A Professional

"You know, food is such - it's a hug for people."

-Rachael Ray

More Cooking

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Parent Video

Parent Video for Learn Something New Project

Final Dish: Mexican Style Pork and Vegetables

Mexican Style Pork and Vegetable Dish