Paw Prints

Week of January 19, 2016

Thank you for the time you spent in preparation and meeting with parents/guardians this week during conferences!!! Click here to view the Panther News for next week. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help.
Enjoy your LONG weekend,
Troy, John, and Karen

Google Account

We are looking forward to hosting Lisa Wilbanks on February 4th at 2:45 as she leads us through all Google has to offer. She plans to share her expertise in Google docs and various options on Google drive. Prior to this professional learning opportunity, we would like for everyone to activate their Google account, so that we can spend more time navigating Google during our time with Mrs. Wilbanks. Click here to access directions on how to activate your Google account if you have not already. If you need any assistance, our Google Guides are Andrea Waldrip, Meg Barber, Maria Bell, and Amy Tinnell.


The 16 Chromebook laptops that we ordered will be ready for checkout on Wednesday!! Feel free to check out the Booked Reservation System website to reserve them for your students. On a similar note, the paperwork for the 35 Lenovo laptops has been processed on our end.

Cyber Safety Lessons

Andrea Waldrip has graciously agreed to teach the monthly Cyber Safety lessons in the Media Center during your regularly scheduled specials time.

Science and Social Studies Standards

A formal review process was conducted for the K-12 Science and Social Studies Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The review process included several public survey opportunities from April 16, 2015, through September 15, 2015. Teacher and stakeholder survey results informed the revision process for drafting the K-12 Science and Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). Working, Advisory, and Academic Review Committees representing K-12 Georgia public school teachers and education stakeholders from across the state made revisions to the K-12 Science and Social Studies GPS based on survey results. On January 14, 2016, the State Board of Education granted permission to post the draft Science and Social Studies GSE for 60 days of public review and comment.

The surveys for both Science and Social Studies will be posted from January 15, 2016, through March 14, 2016. The survey opportunity will close on March 14, 2016, at 5:00 P.M. EST. Please forward this communication and the links below to appropriate staff, PTA/PTO members, and other education stakeholders.

Use the following URL to access an overview of the Science and Social Studies revision process, draft standards and crosswalk documents, and survey links:

Thank you in advance for your assistance with communication and survey participation.

3rd - 5th Grade Assesslets

Below is a message from Amity Hardegree regarding scoring the assesslets:

While it is okay for your teachers to go ahead and begin doing some scoring of Assesslets using the Ga Milestones rubrics, I would encourage you to wait to do the bulk of the scoring until after our Feb. 12 ELA Collaboration. At the Feb. 12 ELA PLC, GCA will be there to do PL on scoring and calibration and your grade level reps will receive information about scoring that they can bring back to their teams to facilitate the scoring. If your schedule allows, it would be very beneficial for you to attend the PLC on Feb. 12 to help redeliver and support your teams in the scoring and data analysis for Assesslets.

Milestones Data available in SLDS

The DOE has been diligently working to display the NEW Milestones' Domain displays inside of SLDS. Click here for more detailed information regarding the NEW display. The detailed information also shows the new displays found on the Student Profile page.

The new ELA test breakdown includes the ‘Reading Status’ (Below Grade Level or Grade Level or Above) based on how the student performed on the reading and vocabulary items included on the test. This is followed by the rubric scores awarded for the two writing components of the test (narrative– worth 4 points and the extended writing – worth 7 points using two rubrics)." (from Assessment & Accountability)

The new Math, Science, and Social Studies Domain break down displays the "Mastery Category" levels of "Remediate, Monitor, and Accelerate." "The domain classification indicates whether the student would have been proficient on the overall test if he/she performed on the overall test as he/she performed on the items in the domain. If it is unlikely the student would have been proficient, remediation is needed. If it is possible, but equally possible the student may not have been proficient, learning should be monitored. And if it is likely the student would have been proficient, then learning should be accelerated." (from Assessment & Accountability)