Resilience The Key To Succes

By: Ibrahim Islam

Different Types of Resilience

Resilience comes in many forms. Stephen King and Bill Gates both demonstrated resilience in similar yet different ways. Resilience was the key to success for both of these widely famous and rich people.

Both Stephen King and Bill Gates faced adversity and used resilience to fight it in similar and different ways. Similarities are only a small handful but are a decent amount. Stephen King’s first novel Carrie was rejected 30 times. Each failed tomed he made sit better so by the time the 30th rejection was faced his book was so much better. Similarly Bill gates first failed company forced him into the dark, but he used resilience to fight his problem and realized he could make a software company. This lead him to founding Microsoft. They both learned from their failures and were able to bounce back and create a better product as a result

Although they both had their similarities they also had their differences. Stephen King’s book as mentioned earlier was rejected 30 times. Each time his book would get a little better, because of his amazing ability to bounce back from failure. On the other hand when Bill Gates product/company barely sold anything he left the spotlight for a while. Instead of, like Stephen King making minor improvements, he instead chose to spend time making a successful software company, which slowly grew to what we know today as Microsoft. This is how they show different types of resilience. King has long-term resilience, remember he failed 30 times, and Bill Gates has a lot stronger form of resilience, he can fail and bounce back with a much, much better product.

Both Stephen King and Bill Gates showed resilience and were able to to bounce back. Their failures lead them through different paths connected by the same trail of resilience. However in some ways their characteristics of resilience made it seem that, their paths merged together, and lead them both to success.

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Step-by-Step How to Be Resilient

Resilience is the best weapon against failure. It allows you to use failure to motivate you. The 4 steps below shows how to be . Resilience and its benefits.

Step 1: Embrace the emotions of failure and let it motivate you. In other words let your emotions lead you to a better product.

Step 2: Learn from your mistakes. After failing you should observe the situation and mistakes that lead you to fail. Learn from them so you will not make the same mistakes leading you to another failure.

Step; 3 Do what you think is right. This is the most important part of resilience. You must believe that you can overcome your failure to success. Without this you will not have resilience at all.

Step 4: Remember, Failure is not the end. Failing is actually a helpful thing. Remember this if you keep on failing, so you will try again.

This are very basic steps on being resilient. This is only a vague idea on being resilient. It can help you overcome failure, adversity, and struggle/tragedy. Without it, well… as the saying goes,”You miss every shot you don’t take,” this means if you don’t try to fight against failure, you keep on failing.

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Walt Disney. Failure is My Middle Name

Everyone has heard of Walt Disney. A major cartoonist, who became one of the best in all time. What most people don’t know he ran into a major problems early on. His first problem was that he was fired from his newspaper, because he lacked creativity. He used resilience to fight his failure, and came with the solution of making an animation company. Unfortunately Disney had to shut it down after he lost a distributing partner. That was yet another major problem. Again he used resilience, and trying to find a solution he went to Hollywood. There he was laughed at for his ideas, but still he didn’t let that hold him down. His solution was to make a few films and see what happened. This lead to his insanely popular classics.. Resilience vaguely helped him with his problems. If Walt Disney was not resilient chances are he would have given up after being fired from the newspaper so many years ago.

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Steve Jobs: A Unforgetable Man

Because of his resilience, a many know one will forget is Steve Jobs.Steve Jobs was fired after he made very bad business decisions.But using resilience many good effects happened to him. First of all he was able to return to CEO of his company. This was a high achievement for the man who create one of the best PC companies at the time. In fact as many people know he made the first PC ever and then created a company off of it. Another outcome was his ability to oversee the iPod and iTunes. This was a very very important outcome from his resilience. He was able to come back to apple with so much resilience he transformed the entire company and defeat most of his tech rivals by changing the world with these inventions. Steve Jobs’s resilience had world changing outcomes. The link provided is for one of Steve Jobs famous speeches.

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What is Resilience?

Resilience is many things. It is not only being to come back to your feet after failure. That is only a broad and very vague example on what resilience is. Resilience is not only bouncing back it is getting back on your feet stronger than ever. In other words it’s your ability to fight against failure. Some characteristics of resilience is not letting anything make you give up. For example if you fail 20 times you still don;t give up.. your resilient. Another characteristics is you fighting against failure. This means that once you fail you quickly start fighting against it. That what resilience is, your capability to recover from adversity

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