Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus

Smore by: Connor Sullivan Book by: Tom Angleburger

Paragraph 1 Genre,main character, and problem


The genre for this book is realistic fiction because of all the realistic dialogue and no talking animals or objects besides the origami rebellion's attempt to fool the school with their amazing ventriloquist skills.


Our main character for the book and all the origami Yoda books before is a boy named Tommy. He doesn't seem to have a last name, but I did some research on the author and he says that the books where based on his years in high school.


There really is no problem, but after the origami rebellion had earned the soft side of their principle and the school, they're taken to Washington D.C as a field trip. But during the trip the gang experiences betrayal,trouble, and a load of other stuff you're going to have to read the book to see.


One quote that really hooked me was a quote origami Yoda says that was used from the Star Wars movies: "Do or do not, there is no try." And that quote just inspired me to read more, and it also almost seemed to hypnotize me.

Paragraph 2: Recommend


I wouldn't recommend this book to someone who is not familiar with Star Wars because there is a bunch of content based on the movies and on the books that someone who is not familiar wouldn't understand.

But I would recommend it to someone familiar with Star Wars because the content would almost hypnotize you like I said, and make you want to see more of these books and Star Wars movies.

But what hooked me was my love for Star Wars and origami which made me want to read more and possibly other readers who have the like for star wars and origami in common with me.