Mrs. Hagaman's Online Learning

Week 1 - Let's Get Started

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Remote Learning @ Home

Hi everyone! This is the site you will come to when you are learning at home to get your remote assignments and links!

This week, you will have paper/pencil assignments until THURSDAY. On THURSDAY, we will begin our ZOOM sessions. We will have LIVE ZOOM three times each day. Once will be a Morning Meeting, Attendance, Check-In time together. The next will be for ELA/Reading. The last will be for Math. Our Zoom will always be in the same Zoom room. All of your online assignments will be linked HERE on our class S'More page each week.

This Week's Assignments

"I CAN" Learning Statements for the Week

Reading/ELA - I can identify consonant and short vowel sounds. I can print legibly.

Math - I can count forward to 100 starting at any number.

Social Studies/Health - I can identify the different colored "zones" and describe how they feel.

Monday, August 17

  • Check Class Dojo for Announcements or Messages from Mrs. Hagaman
  • Paper/Pencil Assignments for Today:
  1. Welcome to First Grade Coloring Sheet - color by color words
  2. My First Day Emojis - have a parent help you draw and color three emoji's that show how you are feeling about starting school. Then write down why you are feeling this way.
  3. Alphabet Apples - cut, sort, glue, and color the ABC apples in the correct order
  4. Apple Goodies - cut, match, glue and color the matching numbers to the apple goodies

Tuesday, August 18

  • Check Class Dojo for Announcements or Messages from Mrs. Hagaman
  • Paper/Pencil Assignments for Today:
  1. Color by Sight Words - color using the sight words code at the top of the page
  2. "Stuff About Me" - have a parent help you read the boxes and fill in information about you so we can get to know all about you
  3. ABC Train - cut out all the boxes of the ABC Train and put them in the correct order. Glue them down in the correct order on the sentence strip in your packet. Color the ABC train.
  4. Counting to 20 - Fill in the Missing Numbers to 20 and then do the Connect the Dots

Wednesday, August 19

  • Check Class Dojo for Announcements or Messages from Mrs. Hagaman
  • Paper/Pencil Assignments for Today:
  1. Sight Word Mystery Picture #1 - Color each box carefully with the matching colors - you will reveal a mystery picture! Can you see what it is??
  2. Crayon Colors - Match the color words to each crayon - cut, glue, and color the crayons
  3. Numbers 0-49 - Write the missing numbers in the number chart, then do the Dot-to-Dot pictures

Thursday, August 20

8:15 - Attend Zoom Morning Meeting -

9:00 - Go to SeeSaw and complete the information page by writing your words in the sentence? Can you write using your finger on your screen? Can you record your voice reading the sentences?

9:45 - Attend Zoom Reading/ELA -

10:30 - Complete your handwriting practice for the letter A (Annie Apple) and C (Clever Cat)

11:15 - Attend Zoom Math -

11:45 - Complete the paper page "I can Count to 100" in your packet by cutting and gluing the numbers in the correct place on the 100 chart.

12:15 Go to Dreambox and work for 20-30 minutes on lessons

Friday, August 21

8:15 - Attend Zoom Morning Meeting & Calendar -

9:00-9:30 - Work on any unfinished paper/pencil or SeeSaw assignments from the week

9:30-9:45 - Have a snack break!

9:45 - Attend Zoom Reading/ELA -

10:30-11:00 - Work on LetterLand handwriting pages D, S, T

11:15 - Attend Zoom Math -

11:45 - 12:30 - Work on SeeSaw math assignments

12:30-1:00 - Work on Dreambox Math (Access through CLEVER)

Introducing SeeSaw!

We will be using SeeSaw - a great online program that allows you to draw, record, video, and take pictures of your work. To learn more about SeeSaw, watch the video below.
What is Seesaw? Introduction for Families (English)

Need to get a question answered or do you need to get in touch with ME (Mrs. Hagaman)?

  • To get your questions answered quickly, please just send me a CLASS DOJO message
  • I promise I will answer as quickly as possible. If there is a delay in answering, I am teaching or otherwise busy, but I will answer as soon as I can.
  • Call the school - 336-838-4261 and leave a voicemail message
  • or you can use a slower method and email me at the class email address:

However, you will typically get a faster answer via DOJO MESSAGE