By: Veronica Roth

was actually my favorite character in the book. He had the most depth and more dimension than Tris. He is wise beyond his years as though he is 21 going on 40. Tris’ formidable skills weren’t believable to me, but somehow Tobias’ sage wisdom felt authentic and was a crucial element to the story. I’m hoping that his innate maturity will continue throughout the series because the 21 to 16 age gap is significant and why I can never be a true lover of young adult fiction.

I chose this book because its in my group age. Also when I saw the cover it really caught my eye. And it also shows that not everybody in this world is the exact same.

"Initiation is divided into three stages. we will measure your progress and rank you according to your stage."

"No. I guess it was because... I think its important to protect people. To stand up for people. Like you did for me."

" Sometimes I forget that I can hurt you. That your capable of being hurt."

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth - Book Trailer