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December 2019

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Homework and Study Habits for Kids and Teens

Now that the first marking period has ended, we have many students who are happy with how they did on their report card but there are also some students who feel they could have done better. Whether it's needing to study more for a quiz/test or getting into better study habits to get all of their work complete, there are many tips to help your student be successful.

Coming up with a routine is one of the first things we recommend. If your schedule varies from week to week you can make a plan on Sundays together. If you know that on Thursday you'll be at an after-school activity until 8:00pm, make sure you carve out time somewhere else to complete your work.

Balance is key. While we all want our children to be well rounded and involved, academics must come first. Make sure that your student isn't scheduled in so many activities that they don't have time for homework or time to study.

The Middle School years are critical for building healthy habits so students know how to be successful in High School.

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Attention 8th Grade Parents

Is your student interested in the IB Diploma Programme at BHHS? Have them attend the informational meeting with Associate Principal, Jessica Lupone on December 17th.

Student Sign-up for IB Diploma Programme Meeting

8th graders must complete the forms using their BHS email address.

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International Academy came for a visit

On Friday, November, 22nd 2019 interested 8th-grade BHMS students attended an informational meeting about the IA. Two former BHMS alumni spoke about a day in the life of an IA student, academics, schedules, extracurriculars, and much more.

IA Okma Campus Informational Night for families

Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

At: International Academy Okma, 1020 E Square Lake Rd, Bloomfield Twp, MI 48304, USA

Applications Due: 1-26-2020 by 11:59 pm

  • Lottery: 1st week of February 2020.
  • NOTE: Counselor recommendations are needed only for students picked in the lottery.

For further information about the International Academy

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BHHS National Honor Society Tutoring

Attention families!! BHHS National Honor Society Tutoring is now available!!

If you have a student who is looking for a tutor, have them fill out the google form linked below. Once they fill out the google form, they will be paired with a tutor.

If they would like to choose a specific tutor, they can check out the interactive form and contact that tutor personally.

Tutoring google form:

Tutor interactive document:

The Gift of Attendance

  • This holiday season, the best gift you can give your child is a good education. And the best place to get that education is in school. Every day. On time.
  • Every year, absences spike in the weeks before and after winter break. It’s time to break that cycle.
  • We know it’s tempting to extend your vacation by a few days on either side of the holiday.
  • We recognize that holidays are an important time for reconnecting with families far away and exposing your children to your home and language, whether you grew up in another part of the United States or a different country. The costs of plane tickets often influence when you want to travel. But keep in mind the costs to your children’s education if they miss too much school.
  • Just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add up to too much lost learning time and put your child behind in school. This is as true in kindergarten as it is in high school.
  • So make sure your child is in school every day, right up until vacation starts. Our teachers will be teaching, and our students will be learning. But it’s harder to teach and it’s harder to learn when too many students are absent.
  • If missing school is unavoidable, talk to your children’s teachers in advance to create a plan for making up missed work. But remember, a homework packet cannot make up for the interaction and learning that goes on in the classroom.
  • So give your child the gift of attendance and help build a habit of attendance.

BHMS Attendance Office - 248.341.6010

The BHMS attendance regulations require that parents notify the attendance office by phone whenever their son or daughter is absent. Parents must call the attendance office before 9:00am the day of the absence. Email notifications cannot be accepted. Calls received after 24 hours will not be excused.

BHMS Attendance Guidelines

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